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O-NEB 3: Next

And yet another O-NEB. Note that I’m merely digging through my old school records now as it’s what, 8 minutes until the end of the day. Also, link at the end.

Imagine a world.

A world, where parrots can do arithmetic.

A world, where drug addiction can be cured.

A world, where your cells are not yours.

Next is a fast moving, action packed thriller by Michael Crichton. 528 pages long, it masterfully incorporates dozens of different beginning scenes into one final ending through a large, complicated web of plot twists and turns.

However, I would not recommend this book for everyone. It contains several scenes possibly inappropriate to this audience, as well as having some disturbing content, such as replacing someone’s bones with metal tubes, suicide from nitrogen inhalation, and the dissection of the vocal chords of an orangutan.

It is also somewhat violent, such as having an ear bit off, police gunfights, and an insane 12-year old skateboarder with a gun.

However, that is not why I would only recommend it to some people. The main reason is because it is quite boring – the book is just one long drawn out court case. At times it can be quite interesting, but sometimes Next is just filled with newspaper articles and talks about chemical patents.

Nevertheless, if you can withstand those things, this book is a definite must-read.

It’s actually not science fiction, or futuristic fiction.

It’s realistic fiction.

Because this is not only the world of Next,

it’s the world of now.


^ Actually, a series of videos someone else made up to do with the SDM girls~! Quite cute, and there’s no Japanese so everyone can understand~

5 responses

  1. “such as replacing someone’s bones with metal tubes”-Hey that sounds like one of the heroines from my Silhouette Project!!!

    2010/07/06 at 07:45

  2. …Urgh. As in she replaces other people’s bones with metal tubes, or her bones are metal tubes?!

    2010/07/06 at 16:03

  3. She is born…well…without much of her body parts.It’s all bloody and gross.(Everyone of her kind is like that in that dimension.)She is then modificated by another one of her kind who is specialized with body modification.As she grows up she changes parts.(Removing the old parts is full of gore and pain too.)God I have a twisted mind…

    2010/07/06 at 22:42

  4. Interesting project…

    2010/07/07 at 00:01

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