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An Organizational Voyage 12

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The Computer

Due to a series of unexpected circumstances, some of my personal belongings have now been restricted from my access. They may now be only used at certain periods at the day, in order to maximize efficiency, a concise arrangement has to be prepared. Below is that very arrangement for your own viewing pleasure.

For people that don’t understand, I’ve simplified it to five words. Spend less time on computer.

Facebook: This internet site may only be used as a tool, if other sites/applications prove more effective or less distracting, they will be put at a higher priority. Gaming on this site is something you would only dream about, a shut-down of my account will have to be done if my self-control cannot limit this.

Kongregate: Solely games that will improve skills valuable in life will be played, an example of this is Gemcraft. Walkthroughs cannot be possibly used properly since there are RNG’s embedded into the very core of the game. You don’t hit 25 damage every time, you don’t get the specific colour gem. In addition to this, an O-NEG must be created to improve literacy.

Youtube: Only videos I’ve subscribe to may be watched, other videos will be considered distractions and will therfore be blocked. Also, the number of people I subscribe to will be reduced to no more than twenty-five. These channels may not put out daily videos, doing so will have them be removed from my subscribe list. In addition to this, these videos must have value. One I would like to point out is “jwcfree” the music is calming, while I work, it probably improves efficiency.

E-mail: The replying of emails will be continued in the fashion it as for the past two years. When creating emails, edit to make sure I do not need to create another one because I forgot something. Also, these emails should be academic or at least not junk.

Manga: This is an activity that will definitely eat up a lot of your time, just get the books instead. Then you’re not on the computer and still on the computer.

MSN: Again, it is a tool, not a toy. The statuses will not be abused, they should reflect how you are actually feeling. The “appear offline” status will be rendered useless, logging off of MSN is pretty much the same thing.

Did I by any chance miss a site/application?

5 responses

  1. Yeah.
    Google Reader, Multiple IRC clients, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo (Mail/Chat), G-mail (Mail/Chat), AIM (Mail/Chat), Skype, Newgrounds, ArmorGames, NotDoppler, Onemorelevel, 2leet, distractionware, Pixelante, Grey Alien Games, FFR, Turbonuke, ThirdStyle, Myminicity, Elements, Chess.com, WordPress, Basilmarket, Maplestory, Ragnarok Online, LaTale, World of Warcraft, Mabinogi, Gunbound, Myanimelist, Dead Frontier, Go Servers, Shogi Servers, more Chess Servers, Chinese Checkers Servers, TVtropes, Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia, THWiki, Gamedev.org, Tasselfoot forums, Borne Games Forums, distractionware forums, ThirdStyle forums, Gensokyo.org, Seven Colored Magik, Thundr’s forums, Japanator, The Colorless, Ichigos Forums, Maidens of the Kaleidoscope, Drawar forums, Kokido Kombine forums, Destructoid forums, Icrontic forums, Sleepywood.net, Devmaster.net, IndieGamer forums, GameDev.net (which is different from gamedev.org), Actionscript.org, gotoAndLearn(), and the myriad of other MMORPGs, Downloadable games, Purchasable games, Wikias, Flash Games, Servers, IRCs, blogs, imageboards and forums that haunt the interwebz.

    Every day.


    What is wrong with my life

    2010/07/07 at 01:55

  2. Alright, Mushy. You need to see a psychiatrist about your internet addiction problem.

    2010/07/07 at 02:27

  3. I’m not addicted, the people who moderate those sites are.

    2010/07/07 at 15:55

  4. Im not addicred too.Im just selling it to addicted people.But you know these days it’s getting kind of hard to pass it over a country border.Do you think it’s easy to hide an internet in your clothes or in some place in the truck where it wouldn’t be noticed?You bet it’s not.(O_O I got no idea what Im I talking about.But yeah,internet addiction…you cannot say that a person is addicted.That will just prove that you don’t know him too well.Observe him a bit more and you will see that he do a lot of other non-related-computer-stuff too.That’s how parents are-They come after work,they see you on the computer and “Oh you’ve been there all day long.How do we know?Well we ARE parents.We know you more than anyone.”

    2010/07/08 at 10:09

  5. Except when that’s true.


    2010/07/08 at 16:19