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Rant on Today

Today was something that rhymes with Ducking Full Bit. A list of what happened today.

1. When I wake up, I realize that my shirt is covered in blood and there’s still blood coming out of my nose. I literally can’t breathe until I completely wash my face and rinse out my mouth.  Then, my dad tells me to brush my teeth. I do, and it starts bleeding again,

2. Because of this, I missed warm-up for my swim meet. I got to swim a little bit in the extra lane. For 5 minutes. That really helped me get accustomed to the pool, I mean 5 minutes.

3. Great, I’m not in 200 Individual Medley. I won’t be tired for my Freestyle event. Well guess what? It took (ducking) 3 hours to get through all the people, even if I was swimming IM, I could go back home, watch an episode of anime and then go back in time for Freestyle event.

4. It’s time for my freestyle race, yay. In marshalling, the benches are so small, there’s only enough room for like 5 people. The other 3 have to try and squish in as much as they can. Obviously, since Im a year younger than everybody, I get kicked onto the ground. Terrific.

5. I take off 1 and a half seconds (which is a lot). I expect like a placing of around 15. Out of the 58 people that swam 50 free, I came in 24th. What. The. Duck.

6. Next event, Butterfly. This is my best event, I’m hoping I get into finals. When the time comes, my race sucked, my arms didn’t even move with a proper rhythm. I was sure I was gonna fail. Turns out, I got 11th. That is ducking the worst spot. If my arms moved in rhythm, I would have gotten into finals, no prob. But instead, I get 11th. Half of it is the timers fault, the time it takes to push down a button after seeing them touch is 20 milliseconds. I was 18 milliseconds away from getting in finals. Oh well, what can i say? BULL PIT!

7. Next, the relay. My team has a “Provincial Qualifying Time”, basically, we’re really fast. However, some genius forgot to put our card in marshalling. The coaches literally didn’t care. There just like “You guys were so fast, I didn’t even see you in the pool” or “Do you want to do a pretend one in the warm-up pool?” Duck, no.

8. Since I’m not allowed to bus home, I need to hitch a ride with somebody. Turns out that somebody had finals, because of that, I needed to wait f-ing 5 hours till I got home.

9. When my dad finally comes to f-ing pick me up, he does this huge loop so I run after a car going at like 20km an hour for 5 minutes. Damn!

10. I finally arrive home. It’s boiling. Damn it.

2 responses

  1. You don’t watch anime


    But yeah, your day looked like it sucked. Oh well. At least bask in the knowledge that you swim two times faster than everyone in our (old) class.


    2010/07/12 at 00:12

  2. Well, I could have watched anime.

    My day sucked, today wasn’t as bad but it still sucked.

    26/60 something swimmers.

    2010/07/12 at 01:50