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Highschool of the Dead 2

Hello everyone, Highschool of the Dead 2 came out on Tuesday, (but I haven’t posted cuz I’m more lazy than Mushy >_>) so here it is.

Takagi and Hirano run around the school,  somehow invisible to all of the zombies as they run around with not a single zombie seeing them. Then, they witness more casualties and zombie transformations.

What's your mom doing in a high school? What are you, kindergarten?

Meanwhile Takashi and Rei barricade the stairs to the watch tower, and call Rei’s dad, who by the way is a police officer. Only to realize that his father is…er…kinda busy with other um….”strange” transformations to the dead in which they attack you.


It continues on with Marikawa, this er…school nurse trapped in her medical room attempting to “save” these patients bitten by zombiez, beecause that’s what she thinks of course. Then, due to her stupidity, she sacrifices one of her assistants or something, and then SLASH, Busujima, the school’s kendo president saves her, using a wooden sword. (How does that even work its a wooden sword? O_o)


Furthur down the road, Takagi and Hirano barricade themselves in a room, and find a stockful of supplies that you would find in any ordinary engineer’s room.


Then while the zombies bang on the door, Hirano suddenly becomes start and makes use of his nerdy video gaming skills (I wish I could -.-) and pieces together AN  ASSAULT RIFLE (or a submachine gun, or whatever you prefer. Anyways, its a gun that shoots nails with a magazine, thus completely PWNING THE ZOMBEZ TAKE THAT WORLD.

Hirano: You mess with me, say hello to my little friend! (RAT TAT TAT)

Then Takashi and Rei find a water hose, and decide (water hose+zombies=dead zombies) Thus, they turn into fire men, and blow the brainz out of the zombies. (Zombies don’t have brains stoopid -.-)


Takagi and Hirano run away, and then are TRAPPED!!!!! Hirano fires his last magazine, and then zombiez attack Takagi. (cuz shes a helpless little girl). Then SLASH, BUSUJIMA JUMPS IN AGAIN AND KILLS THEM ALL MWAHAHAHAHA. Well actually, Takashi and Rei do some stuff to, but AHAHAHAHA SHE USES A WOODEN SWORD. -.- nvm

What, so now Busijima can use Getsuga Tenshou?

After they clean up the zombies, (I don’t get the term “clean up”. Isn’t it more messy after blood and gore fly everywhere wth?) they look up, and decide to watch the news; because they need to know the weather of course. A news reporter reports the weather, and then is ruthlessly slaughtered by the zombiez.

Hm...I dunno, maybe the rising dead?

Thus, the story ends. THE END

What a happy story.

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  1. How happy indeed! We should read this story to children in the library to teach them about


    2010/07/16 at 17:14