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Rice vs. Noodles

So, this is a joint post between yuchoy and awesomebananadancer. Mushy doesn’t like rice or noodles so he won’t be participating (even though he’s within arms reach right now). Mushy is completely neutral and he won’t be participating. (Mushy will probably edit all of this later) [MUSHYHIJACK: CITATION NEEDED >:( Also is this some kind of a podcast thing]
[ABD RESPONSE: uh… you would hear our voices though, and be able to stalk us. that wouldnt be good]

Yuchoy: There’s nothing good about rice, I mean, it’s just white.
awesomebananadancer: HOLY CRAP. That’s sooo rice-ist.
ABD: Anyways, rice is better than noodles. I mean, how would sushi work? The noodles would like all fall out. Also, CHEER-ios and noodles are made out of rice.
Yuchoy: lol i was allergic to sushi until like 2 months ago…and with NOODLES, YOU HAVE “BOWL NOODLE SOUP SAVEUR DE KIMCHI FLAVOUR”
ABD: Yeah, you were allergic cause you were lactose-intolerant, hehe. And also, bowl noodle soup has MSG, which can be turned into an SMG. Which can be turned into an SMG MGS (metal gear solid) which can’t be used in GMS (Global maple story)
Yuchoy: uhhh… lolwut? In a few seconds, I’ll turn into a gundam warrior
Mushy: Mario!
ABD: Pineapples are better than chips because they’re spiky. However, in Bloons Tower defense, they explode.
Yuchoy: *bursts into the room carrying a gian nerf gun, an axe and a wooden shield.
Mushy: *attacks with chair*
ABD: And thus concludes the battle between rice and noodles.

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  1. Im voting for rice.I like me some sweet ricexmilk with a LOT of sugar.Noodles…I don’t trust them.They have the bad habit to stare at me.And god knows that I will not tolerate such bad habits on my table.

    2010/07/19 at 22:43


    2010/07/20 at 00:06

  3. uh…. mushy?

    2010/07/20 at 00:06

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