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So, I was at Mushy’s house today, we did history for a lot of the day so he didn’t have any time to make a post. However, we will give you a short fact about Beethoven.

His fame as a pianist in Vienna gained in many influential friends such as Prince Lichnovisky, Prince Lobkowitz and Count Razumovsky.

Now, I’m sure everybody who reads this post will remember 3 of his best friends. :D

6 responses

  1. Flare:That’s all for today?
    Angry crowd:GET THEM!
    “A wild Beethoven appeared”
    Angry crowd attacks-12 DMG
    Flare uses Giga Flare-57 DMG

    Beethoven get’s angry and throws a piano at the crowd-1000 DMG
    Angry crowd dies.

    Flare runs away.

    2010/07/22 at 09:41

  2. Woah, Beethoven’s a bit too strong for his own good.

    2010/07/22 at 16:25

  3. Wait what? Beethoven is blind! Even if he can do all that damage, he has like 5% accuracy.

    2010/07/22 at 16:27

  4. Only in his later years. Besides, it’s a freaking piano – you don’t have to see to inflict massive damage.

    2010/07/22 at 18:07

  5. houraiguy

    I doubt I can dodge a piano

    I died *three* times on “Resurrection Butterfly- 10% Reflowering” (PCB) >.>

    Also it took me only 2 continues to beat Easy mode on PCB w/ Marisa A >.>>>>>

    2010/07/22 at 18:22

  6. In the lonely room with the piano…at the dawn of the day…where only HE plays day and night…..yes…No one can hear your scream!

    BEETHOVEN WITH RED EYES!-Coming July 28…

    2010/07/22 at 18:34