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Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu 2


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So uh this extremely late post of another extremely late anime starts with an extremely late what am I saying

Anyways, tl;dw starts off with some RANDOM KIDS beating up the FUTURE KING OF THE WORLD. The FUTURE KING OF THE WORLD becomes sad. It is revealed that SION is the child of some STUPID RICH FAT GUY and some STUPID POOR OTHER PERSON and so the children of that STUPID RICH FAT GUY and other STUPID RICH FAT PEOPLE hate him for being the child of some STUPID POOR OTHER PERSON. Understand?

Because of that RYNER decides to JUMP ON A TRAMPOLINE

Where it is revealed that…

…tl;dw: they’re back in time (how many years I don’t know), in a school. A SCHOOL WHERE PEOPLE TRAIN TO FIGHT TO THE DEATH BECAUSE THIS IS SPARTA

And so Ryner’s just some LOSER GUY who SLACKS OFF and is obviously the WORST PERSON IN THE ACADEMY because all people who sleep all day aren’t BADASS. Anyways RYNER, SION, and KIEFER, this other person who is obviously not awesome enough to be mentioned in the future, decide to make a TEAM and BEAT UP other people in the ACADEMY. Ryner’s obviously had SPARKMAKING lessons from YUUKA so he fires GIANT MASTER SPARKS at EVERYONE.

…Not really. Sion then reveals that RYNER was trained in some WEIRD MILITARY ACADEMY where everyone turned into LETHAL KILLING MACHINES and RANDOM CRAP LIKE THAT. He then asks Ryner to JOIN HIM in RULING THE WORLD but Ryner declines.

A BUNCH OF STUPID PEOPLE then chase Sion but FERRIS appears and uses her special attack: FERRIS WHEEL

Well not really, that was just a stupid pun. She just waves her dango around and everyone runs away (although one person stole some dango for his nice hat).


Then ERIS reveals that her SISTER, IRIS, is actually A SYNONYM for a PART OF THE EYEBALL wait what


And then it is revealed that the kingdom of ESTABUL has invaded WHATEVER-COUNTRY-THEY’RE-IN, so the students have to MOVE to the FRONT LINES.

After Kiefer meets with Ryner and confesses her love tells him to run away ’cause he’ll die if he gets attacked by RANDOM PEOPLE WITH SWORDS, Eris and Iris reveal (after some torturing) that ITS A TARP and that THE ENTIRE WORLD’S UNDER A TENT.

Eh not really, but FIFTY Estabul MAGICK KNIGHTS are waiting for SION and his group of STUPID STUDENTS, who actually have a SPY in their group of STUPID STUDENTS; meaning they’ll DEFINITELY DIE the next chapter. But they can’t because this is a flashback. :/



So apparently, this episode (specifically the beginning) “set a much darker tone for this series”, with the dead dog and all that – I can’t help but feel this is the exact opposite of Occult Academy. Occult Academy was supposed to be serious, creepy, and all that, but it’s just comedy. This on the other hand, is supposed to be like most other MMORPGesque anime; shameless self-advertising a bunch of people fighting a bunch of other people with swords and stuff and no real plotline. When there is a plotline it’s probably really, really stupid.

But tl;dw presents an actually possibly interesting storyline – epic battles between large factions and all that, without even presenting a storyline. If you’ve watched the previous episode, you’ll notice the only real storyline you can infer from it is that they’re searching for LEGENDARY TREASURE; however, it’s obvious (though not /too/ obvious) that there’s something much deeper. The first ‘flashback’ to the LEGENDARY HERO also set the same dark tone to it.

Tl;dw’s got potential. Right now, it’s not perfectly executed with us knowing about everything, but I’m sure stuff’ll get revealed and such soon.

Also apparently “we discover in the first few minutes of the episode that Ryner’s attacks have a range of 20!” But I didn’t see that :<

Oh yeah; IN AN ALTERNATE STORYLINE, RYNER doesn't jump on a trampoline, he DIVES into a SWIMMING POOL and so they don't have to fight ESTABUL. Isn't that just AWESOME?



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  1. Man that was a nice Chinese Tea arrangement. =3=

    2010/07/23 at 00:13

  2. Nameless

    I didn’t even realize that dango shop woman was the same person from episode 1.

    2010/07/23 at 00:20

  3. Actually, it probably wasn’t. BUT THEY LOOK SIMILAR

    2010/07/23 at 01:18

  4. I couldn’t actually tell it was Chinese Tea until 0:17-0:20ish >_>

    2010/07/23 at 01:19