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Monochrome Pictures: Series 2


“Return of the freaking evil bamboo forest, Take 1”

“21345414667 grazes and 1 point later”

“Not the unbeatable spellcard! NOOOOO”

Note: It’s not usually that big >.>

“Er… Should I pick Yes… or Yes…? WHERES MAH KCUFING NO BUTTON”

3 responses

  1. 2010/07/25 at 20:32

  2. Mokou stole Okuu’s danmaku!Just look at that big bullet in the 4-th picture.ALSO SHE’S A WIZARD!Lol!

    (Hmmm perhaps making more of this about the other extra bosses…?No?)

    2010/07/26 at 00:17

  3. M-Okuu version 2

    2010/07/26 at 00:55