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About Zero

Zero is the value of nothing, but zero is not nothing, because the value of nothing is the value of something which means that nothing is something and something can’t be nothing without being non-existent which is imposible without the ability to un-become, which of course does not mean destroy, because to destroy is to make something into nothing and we’ve already gone over why something can’t be nothing since nothing is something. You have just witnessed the number zero, as in, you have zero clue as to what you just read and never will, because the amount of facts in that statement are Zero.

Zero is the value of nothing, although Zero is not equal to non-existence, because zero most certainly does exist despite the fact that it does absolutely nothing to contribute to society. There have been many attempts by Christian groups, AA, and the Back on your Feet Foundation to get Zero back into the working world so that it can make something of itself and accomplish something asides from nothing.

The shape of the number zero was decided by the Zero Appearence competition held by Jesus Christ when he got bored of walking on water and decided to do something just as equally pointless, but even more awsome. The winner was a retarded talking carrot who simply submitted an oval with the center cut out of it.

Zero resides between negative one and postive one.

Zero is also a place holder. It will hold people’s place in line ups if they have to go pee. Unfortunately, reserving your spot with a worthless number is not very effective.

Quite remarkably, Zero’s presence to the right of any number makes it worth 10 times as much. (Including the number ten itself) Therefore, the fact of reality is that as long as you have something (no matter how small and near valueless it is) the presence of lots and lots of worthless items next to it increases the worth. For instance, a pen might not be worth much by itself, but put a melted thimble, a pile of ashes and a bird without wings next to it and suddenly you’ve got a priceless model of the earth and its populance in 20 years.

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  1. If nothing is something then it will have some kind of energy structure and so far there haven’t been identificated such energy to exist within the universal energy,which means that without more information we cannot prove 85% of the “Nothing”‘s existance.Nothing is a term used to describe the lack of specific energy withing another energy.Also it was created by humans in order to have explanations about stuff they don’t understand.

    But hell,what do I know?I am just a low magician who cannot even remember stuff or even write runes without messing up.

    2010/07/27 at 00:56

  2. Actually, yeah; have you ever heard of virtual pair production and annihilation? Look it up. It’s energy in nothing.

    2010/07/27 at 01:54

  3. houraiguy

    Pg. 9001 (!)

    Nothing ~ 0
    CATS ~ 2101
    BATS ~ 8475
    Base ~ 8453
    Cirno ~ (9)
    Okuu ~ (6)
    Power Level ~ 9000+
    LEETtuce ~ 1337
    Zombies ~ 0………0


    Nothing is worth nothing. However, as nothing is something, if you take a nothing to a shop and sell the nothing, the shop must give you something, because if you give them something they must give you something. Thus if the shopkeeper is an idiot, you will get free stuff for your nothing. If the shopkeeper is not an idiot, they will most likely give you something as well; in many cases you will be teleported to the area of “Outside the Shop” through the means of the mysterious energy source known as the “Shopkeeper’s Boot Of Kicking People to ‘Outside the Shop'”. But hey, you got something from nothing! YOU’RE A WIZARD (Harry). Alternatively, the shop owner will give you more nothing, which you can then trade for even more nothing, which leads to more increasingly nothingish nothingness trades.

    Here it is important to note that it is easy, with the right decisions and business smarts, to get rich. Here is a good example:

    As long you hold out and keep trading for more nothings, and the shopkeeper does not use the Shopkeeper’s Boot, both parties will grow increasingly insane until one party finally faints from exhaustion, which makes the other Pokemon Trainer give you 912341234837298614614236589713 Poke, in addition to the fact that you may then raid the warehouse of all its goods, assuming you have not, at this point, spontaneously combusted from insanity. Thus, it is a good idea to keep Reisen as your main Pokemon whilst playing Touhoumon Lunatic.

    2010/07/27 at 02:06

  4. How long did it take you to type that?

    2010/07/27 at 02:08

  5. Hehehe, houraiguy still Pokemon-addict

    2010/07/27 at 03:02