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Let’s Just Try to Get This Organized

I’ve deleted all stupid posts. >:(
I’m not sure whether or not the YuChoy one is true.
But argh can’t you guys have any semblance of organization :<

awesomebananadancer will not be posting until like August 6th due to an exam.

yuchoy will not be posting till an undefined period of time as right now, he is in California.

Houraiguy will also probably not be posting until mid-August due to vacation leave.

2 responses

  1. yuchoy is gone. Try calling him, nobody. Try emailing him, nobody. Try Facebooking him, nobody. Try going to his house, nobody.

    2010/07/27 at 03:03

  2. How’d you know he’s in California?

    2010/07/27 at 03:19