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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 4


So basically this post starts wi-


No, Alice isn't exploding random confetti dolls

Actually, this post starts with some random dudes throwing baseballs at Otsuu ’cause dey coo’ liek dat but Ryoushi eats them all (the baseballs and the random dudes). Thus Otsuu is very thankful and decides to help around at Ryoushi’s house.

Ringo's quick to catch on

But that is counterproductive because Otsuu is EVIL.

Anyways the Otogi Bank decide to visit Ryoushi’s house before he dies from lack of sleep, and find out that his AUNT is a famous MONEY SWINDLER NOVEL WRITER (geez, they’re the same anyways).

Nothing plot-related happens until THE ANTAGONISTS ARE INTRODUCED.


Well, that's their name too

OK, then nothing plot-related is introduced until it is revealed that some random kid saved Otsuu from dying, but then he died. So Otsuu is sad and wants to return favours to every one; after all, it’s just a small favour, right?

But seriously, what is it with anime characters and trucks?

Then a bunch of people decide to crossdress BECAUSE THEY CAN.

They tell Otsuu that being capitalistic is bad and being communistic is good. THE FREAKING END.

What can I say? Episode ratings are falling down. Sure, it made me laugh a bit, but the whole purpose of this show seems to be falling apart. I’m sure everyone will agree, this seemed more like taken straight off a hentai doujin than an actual episode. Compared to episode 2’s awesomeness I have to say *prepares for tomato-throwing*, this episode sucked.


Firstly, there’s no action.

Secondly, there’s nearly no plot development. I understand why you would want to flesh out the individual character’s plots, but honestly I didn’t really learn/care much about Otsuu before and I still don’t know/care much about her now. She’s a freaking maid, and she’s never actually demonstrated her flaw enough in the past chapters, so this chapter seems a lot like a “Hey, we’ve run out of ideas for this one episode, what do we do?”

“I don’t know. Let’s look inside this bag of cliché’d anime ideas!”

“Hmm… we could make a random crossdressing scene that has nothing in the way of plot or action to waste some money!”

“Great idea – but wait, what if the fans get mad?”

“Don’t worry, they won’t if we make a maid the main character!”

“…Alright then. Hmm… remember that one time in episode one when we referenced one specific trait of one specific maid?”

“No, not really, because we never focused on that part ever since then.”

“Well, we could pretend that we did and make it into a big deal!”

“Great idea! So let’s start working on this because we’ve just come up with a plotline in under 5 minutes.”

“Wait wait! What about the fairy tale reference?”

“Naw, only stupid mushroom-bloggers care about that! Besides, Otsuu’s name is already a reference, and she likes to return favours, so that’s enough!”

“But… but..”


…scenario. Honestly, I couldn’t find a single actual reference to the fairy tale. Everything’s been going downhill since episode 1 and 2 – 1 for the actual fairy tale mixed in with decent humour, and 2 for the “Woot, I have a 500-kg Japanese gambling arcade game on my wrist that’s called a pachinko and not a slingshot”. At the end, Otsuu’s still the same as ever.

Thirdly, sudden plot changes. Everything was all dark at the end of chapter 2 and now people are fighting over beauty contests and dressing up in maid uniforms? Does not compute. I wonder if they’re just gonna “flesh out” (cause you know they’re just out of good ideas) the characters of everyone in the Bank (though Alice is by far the best) until like episode 11 or something and then have a final epic boss fight out of nowhere. Maybe this was some shoujo manga?

At the end, it’s probably my fault for choosing a Romantic Comedy to blog about; I had a small intention to, then wanted to, but now I’m near certain that I’ll switch to blogging a different anime by episode 6. You’ve got 2 episodes to redeem yourself (who the heck am I talking to) now.

To conclude…

Should I watch Kaichou wa Maid-sama (too many people :/ are referencing it)?

Ringo knows EVERYTHING

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