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There you go, our daily dose of WTF

Alright, so because I became lazy during the last post, the ninja is actually a person.


So Manabizaki’s being an idiot when suddenly Iwashida decides to EAT A VENDING MACHINE


Wait, you're telling me manga doesn't have colour? Crap

Anyways some guy called KIRISHIMA talks to Manabizaki and reveals that if you are ON DRUGS you can become KING OF THE WORLD

Argh, Paint has no working text tool and you can't even use paint bucket grumble grumble

But Manabizaki doesn’t care because he wants to EAT NASA

Anyways the KING comes and reveals his LOVE for children’s bikes.

But Kirishima (I swear I heard that name before somewhere) gets a baseball and a bat and scares everyone cause bats are scary

Anyways Kirishima goes away after brutally killing everyone and everyone gets brutally killed. Then suddenly a CHALLENGER APPEARS whose presence is only known as “Okiku” after brutally kicking Hasuno and Hasuno gets brutally kicked.

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can’t say anything right now. I know I heard Kirishima somewhere but all I got was this evil thing and that girl from Bakatest. This manga sorta really fails at foreshadowing – I mean, obvious introduction at the end of chapter =/= good foreshadowing. The author seems like some newb (=/= noob) guy; so far, the only series he’s worked on is Zan, an 18-chapter manga, and a one-shot that has a grand total of 20 readers (and myself) on MAL.

I hope this goes somewhere, but as far as I see it’s gonna end by the third volume if something big doesn’t happen. The thing is, he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place here; if you don’t add something really big, it’s going to end. If you do, the plot’s going to be really really screwy. Look at Beelzebub and Yu Yu Hakusho – Beel had the protagonists going to some weird demon kingdom for like 10 chapters and immediately after have a normal school life. Yu Yu Hakusho’s ending completely failed with that weird tournament thing being introduced from absolutely nothing. All shonen manga need something supernatural or crazy awesome to succeed – you just run out of baddies to punch in a normal high school.

Personally, I’d rather this end normally than introduce some “HEY ALIENS HAVE APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE” thing. Or maybe, that’ll be introduced later on because this guy planned everything in advance? That’d be some heavy foreshadowing with Manabizaki wanting to eat er, kill dissect scientifically study …[insert verb here] aliens.

Oh well, it’s the fifth chapter, there’s nothing to freaking analyze. THE END.


I think he meant compl-eat…


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