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Strike Witches OVA [Completed]

After it is revealed that Izaya is actually descended from a long line of military commanders who use board games to visualize their strategic movements, it is shown that the military have gotten something that allows them to do something.

Alright, I can sorta bear that the Witches have to have furry tails and random stuff but WHY IS THERE A FUCKING MAID HERE SHE ISN'T EVEN A STRIKE WITCH I MEAN GODAMMIT WHY JAPAN WHY

Anyways the entire episode is basically about a bunch of girls (according to Wikipedia because it’s awesome; “moe anthropomorphisms of FREAKING FIGHTER JETS” WHY JAPAN WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US) attacking each other with machineguns and rocket launchers.

Did I mention the rocket launchers?

I SWEAR TO GOD THAT WAS NAZRIN but she doesn't have rockets

After the battle the main character (I’m assuming), Yoshika becomes emo and somehow stops becoming emo and then it’s over.

Then you have like a 20 minute comedy standup show or something that was so boring I didn’t even bother watching it.

…My god that was just…

Let’s start with the good stuff, shall we?

The animation and art were brilliant, seamless, etc. etc. etc. etc. It definitely beats the art for many other anime out there – the scenery was amazing and the zooming up on the scenery was almost perfectly smooth too. Seemed like they didn’t use many repeated frames or anything either, so that was just awesome (there was a small lack of pantsu but that gets really, really stupid when repeated so many times).

Then the horrible stuff.

And when I say horrible, I mean horrible.

One – there was no plot. There was not even any attempt for a plot. For all I could tell it was Black Rock Shooter, with the girls fighting against random things, becoming emo, and then somehow not becoming emo. Somehow.

I already ranted about the meido but seriously? Could they not be just a LITTLE MORE FREAKING PROFESSIONAL? I’m not even going to start on the basic premise of Strike Witches (or more accurately, moe anthropomorphisms of military planes) because that is so stupid there are more loopholes than actual data.

The fighting was stupid as hell too. What can a bunch of little girls with machine guns do against a swarm of A HUNDRED MOTHERFREAKING MILITARY PLANES; of which a single carrier swarm could conceivably carry. From all I can see these girls are just flying machine guns – which sounds like a lot, but a swarm of flying machine guns aren’t going to do anything against a tank platoon.

Oh, and apparently the genre is “MILITARY SCIENCE FICTION”. TO HELL WITH THAT THIS IS PURE MILITARY FICTION. GODDAMMIT I CANNOT TOLERATE THIS SHOW ANY LONGER – and I didn’t even get to the fact that the show was 8 minutes long and the comedy part took the rest.

Well, concluding it on a good note, the music was pretty good too.

Basically, music and art are good but plotwise this is just stupid. Then again, I have heard from another blog (can’t find the link because I’m too lazy) that Strike Witches is just something to be watched with your mind off; without the loopholes it’s halfway decent…


Overall Rating: 3/10 (Neutral)

Oh, even the narrator says so.

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