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Try! Try! Try! [Completed]

Just like Onemanga ;_;

Anyways, all of you MUST know about Yotsuba Koiwai and how awesome she is. Try! Try! Try! is basically the (3-chapter long) oneshot of it.

There’s not much plot, but basically Yotsuba grabs one of those train crossing poles while it goes up and becomes really tall. Ena goes like this

Then she kicks a can into the garbage or something. Fuuka goes like this

Finally she goes to Asagi who convinces her that sundaes are really really bitter, so Yotsuba goes like this

And then the second oneshot starts which has like a completely different plotline.

Basically Ena steals a hamster from the ground and Fuuka gets an alligator.

The alligator obviously does what alligators do around hamsters…

Which is absolutely nothing at all.

Finally we have a series of 6 4komas in which Yotsuba graffitizes the wall.

Eh, interesting. I’d see how this would work for a 4koma/oneshot but most people would find this rather lacking. After all, it deals with some random kid drawing on a wall; but that’s the beauty of it (not the wall, the wall is simply atrocious). Yotsuba&! (the manga after the oneshot) doesn’t seem to have any plot – but in reality, each individual chapter does have a plot. Be it Yotsuba trying to steal ramen, throwing stuffed animals out of hot air balloons, or trying to bring coffee to the house next door, each of the chapters are simple.

As for this particular oneshot, it’s done a great job to introduce readers to what they’re going to read. It’s just about some little girl; there’s no “YEAH I’M GONNA SAVE THE WORLD FROM A SWARM OF EVIL GIANT ALIENS THE SIZE OF THE MOON” thing.

Then again, not only was the wall-art horrible, but the actual art art was also somewhat weird. It definitely didn’t have the polish or accurate proportions of the manga, but then again, this was written in 1998.

All in all, this gave me a pretty good laugh, and not much more – but that’s a good part.

Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)

Also, you may not believe me but I did not edit any of the images above. And below. Yotsuba just really really sucks at mspaint.

2 responses

  1. Whoaaaa YOTSUBAAAAAA!!!Ahhh the good ol 90’s.This was part of the period where things where nice and cool.Sadly with the end of 2006 things started to go down…But this is still unqie.I admire it not only cuz I like it but also cuz I won’t be able to draw such thing.(Well not without help from fiends WHO LEARNED HOW TO DRAW!)So yeah…hooray for old stuff.Lol Flare is now in nostalgia modo.YaY.

    2010/08/05 at 09:22

  2. Sigh… the manga these days are all “LET’S ALL FIGHT TO THE DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH”; I wish a bit more series with the simplicity of Yotsuba were out there…

    2010/08/05 at 16:18