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Stupid poems

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Salad is green,
It’s good for you.

I believe that might have been the stupidest poem I have ever written. By the way, the only reason it’s about salad is cause I’m eating it right now. The lettuce and cucumber was grown fresh right from Mushy’s garden. Harvesting from a real garden is really different from FarmVille I bet…)

Anyway, I’m probably just gonna be rambling on about stuff, it most likely won’t have anything to do with poems at all.

This morning, after I finished an incredibly hard swim practice, I saw my dad reading the news, there was this giant article about people at a university looking at porn. There were over 10, all of them had to work for 2 weeks without getting paid, in other words, a big fine. Just a message to people out there, if you ever need to do something discreetly on the internet, do it on google chrome: incognito mode. I think the only thing I’ve ever done on incognito mode is like try it out, I remember typing in turtles or something.

Today, I haven’t been productive, then again, I usually don’t do much stuff cause I’m stupid. I’m only good for eating, sleeping and crying when I’m level 1. As I level up more, I can do more things, at level 25 or so, I can run, eat, touch things I’m not supposed to touch, eat, count, eat, sleep and eat.

I feel tired right now, I think I’m gonna sleep in this sleeping bag at Mushy’s house after I eat my jacket.

6 responses

  1. And you didn’t eat any cucumbers


    2010/08/05 at 03:14

  2. Nitori is a touhou character? Won’t be surprised if it was.

    2010/08/05 at 05:00

  3. Wow,wow…he doesn’t have ANYTHING against Nitori….CUZ HE IS NITORI!He eats cucumbers,he swims and he hates Justin Bieber.See?All of Nitori’s characterstics!So now that I know that ABD is Nitori and Mushy is Marisa,only the secret ID’s of YuChoi and Houraiguy remained!

    2010/08/05 at 09:37

  4. The only reason I would have anything against Nitori was if I was Nitori. Kudos to finding my secret identity, of course, I might be having a secret identity hiding my real identity…

    2010/08/05 at 14:10

  5. No, he /didn’t/ eat any of the cucumbers :<

    And no, I'm not Marisa 'cause she can't use COMPUTAAS

    2010/08/05 at 16:14