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Angel Beats!: Track Zero [Completed]

(There’s not enough randomness in this post)

…Yeah. So, technically, this wouldn’t count as an anime or manga – it’s a light novel, but… is there really a non-animanga light novel out there?

Angel Beats: Track Zero basically does the same thing as Heaven’s Door – tell of the pre-Yuzuru adventures of the SSS from Hideki’s (Hinata; his first name’s revealed at the final graduation ceremony on the certificates) point of view. In this version of the light novel, there are not many pictures (I’m not sure if there are any even in the official version), so I’ll just briefly summarize what happens (no danbooru for you either; basically this post is all text).

It starts off the same as Heaven’s Door (refer to my previous post) – Hideki meets Yuri, Yuri kicks him off the roof a couple of times, Kanade stabs Chaa, Ooyama is revealed to not be an alien monster, etc.

Chaa engages in a GUNFIGHT with Yuri but Yuri learned from Revy’s awesomeness and won. Chaa then reveals that he made the guns out of CLAY and it takes about 170 HOURS to make one gun. Yuri, Chaa, Hideki, and Ooyama go into a big underground tunnel known as GUILD.

There, they meet NODA who gets BRUTALLY PWNT by Chaa because Chaa has a wife. Noda runs away. Chaa and Ooyama chase him while Yuri and Hideki continue going underground.

Eventually, Hideki and Yuri meet Shiina (whose name is never revealed) who PWNS them both by slicing off both of Hideki’s arms, his chin, one leg, and his intestines. BUT HE MANAGES TO RUN AWAY

Chaa, Noda, and Ooyama come back but Noda RUNS AWAY, AGAIN so Chaa chases after him. Ooyama, Hideki, and Yuri are still being attacked by Shiina so they run back to the school where Kanade is attacking Shiina.


With that, the SSS/Afterlife Battlefront was formed, of Yuri, Hideki, Ooyama, Chaa, Noda, and Shiina as members.

…And then there’s an extra chapter! Yeah!

Basically, a member of GirlDeMo writes in her journal about how everyone else in GirlDeMo are stupid, creepy, idiots.

It was interesting.

TBH, this was the first light novel I’ve ever read – and I’m not sure what to say about it. It’s much more… choppy, and minimalist (ARGH CURSE YOU TWENTIETH CENTURY MUSICAL TERMINOLOGY) than novels I’m used to reading. There’s barely any descriptions, and everything’s expressed via talking – all from a first-person point of view, so that I’m even confused about who’s currently talking.

I suppose that’s the beauty of it – to be able to express emotion, without writing “[insert character name] [insert adjective 1] [insert adjective 2] [insert adjective 3] [insert synonym of said] [insert content]”, but simply by showing us what the characters are saying.

That’s also a double-sided sword. Because of this, the story doesn’t really seem to “connect” very well. TBH, it sounded just like any other internet fanfiction (and I’m talking about the really bad Twilight ones) – then again, I haven’t read any other light novels.

Nevertheless, the plot is developed pretty well; not exactly what you would call deep, but then again (my three favorite words: thus, then, and again), how much is actually deep in our everyday lives? Probably not much – we just go on watching random anime and eating random crap every day. There’s nothing to analyze. Maybe this is some sort of minimalist abstract artistic language movement, in cutting off everything but the bare minimum and expressing everything as if you were in the story.

And Track Zero really did make me feel like I was in the story.

Overall Rating: 5/10 (Great)

(The one major, major, MAJOR flaw was NO TK BACKSTORY. Maybe they’ll write another light novel focusing only on him? That’ll be nice :)

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