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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 5

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Sure didn’t fulfill my expectations

So basically the old geezer guy tells Liszt to like find out who the student council president of the nearby highschool is or something

And then some random girl does some random things to Ryouko which I shall illustrate with a 4koma

Eh, you don’t need to; danbooru’s done it for you already

The random girl is Kibitsu MOMOKO, who wants to go kill everyone in the Onigashima highschool or whatever.

Random not plot-related stuff happen because anime can’t have too much content or else the fans will be satisfied – THEN THE COMPANIES WILL LOSE MONEY

They decide to go off to battle showing off Ryouko’s new armour which DOES NOTHING AT ALL because NOONE MANAGES TO HIT HER so there’s no point in introducing it, which is why I won’t be posting a picture of it.

Anyways Momoko brings along a bunch of people who I won’t bother to name because it’s obvious they’ll end up like Haibara Kakari, lost and forgotten, to be buried by new episodes that have nothing to do with them.

…….jpg! (read that as “dot dot dot… dot jpg!”

So anyways Urashima gets dragged by Otohime to do what they do and Liszt stays behind because he wants to. So Ryoushi, Ryouko (god those names are so easy to confuse), Momoko, and those three people go to pwn everyone else.

The rest of the bank stay back on their TINY LAPTOP while the EVIL leader of the student council has giant screens and monitors their messages.

The lollipop’s part of her upgraded armour

They fight some random unplotrelated epic battle.

Then the epic boss from episode 2 or 3 or something comes back to kill Ryoushi, who happened to just land a critical hit last time. BUT URASHIMA COMES AND UPPERCUTS HIM.

“Dear lord, I am extremely apologetic about my recent physical behaviour. Would you like to discuss this over a cup of tea?”

Then, Momoko and Ryouko are separated by a fire door manipulated by the epic final boss.

Ryoushi meets up with Liszt who seems to be a master of disguises now.

What? I’m a Walfas character!

They meet the EPIC FINAL BOSS, Hitsujikai SHIROU.

Ryouko has a flashback to when she was raped abused


To sum up my opinions, “Boxing gloves and breasts that make meowing and bouncing sounds respectively really don’t cut it.” I didn’t like this episode. At all. Introducing a plot-related thing 5 episodes in is stupid. Really stupid. I don’t /want/ to watch a show like Ookami-san that has plot. Imagine k-On! with plot. Can you? No, you can’t. What does that prove? Nothing, because k-On! =/= Ookami-san, but you know what I mean.

Honestly, I could have summarized the episode even more succinctly (but I didn’t want to because I had to add those images): Ookami meets Momoko, who wants to crush Onigashima. They go to Onigashima, fight a bunch of people, and reach the student council president, Kanade Shirou. Ookami has a flashback. THE END.

When your “plot-related” episodes are like that, do you seriously expect to develop them? And by adding a plot, now we don’t know what the /main/ plot is – Ryoushi x Ryouko, Ryouko kill Shirou, or Majolika = awesomesauce. For some anime, multiple plots together are good (Baccano, Durarara). For something as light-hearted as Ookami-san… plot isn’t good. At all.

Each episode looks completely out of place now. The first one is an episode wrapped around itself, where everything’s to do with the fairy tale. Episode two was completely different with Ryoushi punching a bunch of people. And stuff. Episode three was even more different with a beauty contest of all things (after a battle?!). Episode four was an eroge about maido. Episode five has to do with plot.

Do you see that? Each of those directly contrast with each other – fairy tale, fighting, beauty contests, maido, and plot. What’s the freaking focus of this anime?!

Anyways, thanks to Abandoned Factory for what the fairytale-based-on-story-thing-blah-blah-blah-I-like-hyphons was.

It’s Momotarou, a fairy tale about JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH

This really didn’t tie in with the fairy tale – it seemed as if they had the story and animation done, but then had to include a completely different fairy tale than they intended to at the last minute, and quickly tweaked everything.

For one, the first part of the story about the peach exploding and a child coming out is completely omitted. Everything else to do with the story are all stupid references – e.g. Momoko being Momotarou, her “millet dumplings” (resisting urge to punch creator of this; if you want “millet dumplings” go watch HotD) from Momotarou’s song (check the wiki page), her three slaves friends Inu (dog), Saru (monkey), and Kii (pheasant) (which seems to be used in One Piece for the admiral’s names, Akainu, Kizaru, and Aokiji), etc. etc.

But referencing a fairytale isn’t about naming people that – any anime can do that. The storyline has to be at least somewhat like the fairytale – episode one was brilliant at this. The episodes after that… well, frankly, they SUCKED.

In conclusion, “After a promising start, the series has not been faring well at all in my estimation.” I, like many (most) others, was expecting something light and humourous to contrast with the otherwise dark series in this season, but guess what we have here in this episode?


Yes, Ookami-san, which should’ve been based just on a bunch of fairytales 4koma-style, has a plot.

What’s more, it’s far darker than you’d expect. Not only the thing about Onigashima, but as several people have noted – the whole city of Otogibana seems very, very dark. Like an immense social experiment, (don’t blame me for plagiarizing here >_>) the city may have needed the students of Onigashima to fail, so that the students of Otogibana could succeed. But what’s more, the fact that everything is planned here – where currently, the only adults you’ve ever seen in this entire two-hours-and-a-bit, are those people in Ryoushi’s household, that awesome fat pirate guy with the bamboo sword, and the creepy sick old geezer. Even Liszt comments that the students are merely commodities, so when they graduate, more people will come to Otogibana City, in which the cycle repeats over and over.

Though, I guess a somewhat good thing is that now, we’re “…unable to predict what will come.” An element of surprise is always good. But generally, anime that have plot continue to have plot – so I’m pretty sure that this won’t fare much better in the future. Simplicity is key, and right now, Ookami-san doesn’t have much of that.

There are two ways this anime can go now. One is that it resolves the incident within the next episode and then they go off happily ever after. The second is that the dark theme continues, so that COMPLICATED PLOT is introduced.

I’d like the first way, just because there are 7 episodes left, 3 characters haven’t had an episode to them yet, and resolving a major incident in 2 episodes (we need one more for Ryoushi x Ryouko and then an ending episode) is a bit stupid. Just turn the major incident into a minor incident that stretches for one more episode and everything’s fine.

The second way would be more interesting, however. If that happened, I still doubt that the Onigashima arc will continue – after all, the main forces of the school have been wiped out by 5 people within a day. There’s honestly not much they can do anymore. Maybe explore Ryouko’s past and the raep-scene a bit more, but that’s it.

Then what arc would it be?

The Otogibana arc.

See, the whole city is under control, an isolated scientific experiment. There must be something bad happening (because that’s what happens with all scientific experiments), and methinks that’ll be revealed with the defeat of the shepherd (do you think /I/ could remember people’s names?!). His strength is almost too Pathétique (kudos if you spot the reference), and honestly, I don’t think he’ll put up much of a fight (unlike CERTAIN FINAL BOSSES COUGH COUGH AIZEN COUGH COUGH).

I can’t predict what might happen if that’s to be the case – as only small hints of it were ever provided, and most of them are like subconscious and random crap.

Still, I pray that doesn’t happen.

Because if it does

that means

the plot

will be



This is what happens whe-
wait, what are you do-






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