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Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin 5


The episode starts with Maya having Fumiaki’s phone CAUSE SHE’S A THIEF but she doesn’t have orange hair and can’t control the weather :<

Then Kozue has a spoon and she SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS everyone, until Maya reveals it's JUST. A. SPOON.

Kozue is now unhappy.

Fumiaki calls on Maya to answer a question but Maya goes all AGNRY FAIC on him

Fumiaki is now unhappy.

So he calls on Ami instead.

Ami is now unhappy.

Kozue comes in with a picture of her doing some strange dance with SPIRITS floating around.


But Maya points out that she’s a mummy.

Kozue is now doubleunhappy.

I’m pretty sure /you’re/ the big problem.

I noticed that trying to emphasis something by italicizing it with forward-slashes doesn’t work when it’s already italicized. I’m always sad so no change happens.

Anyways she’s a mummy because she was trying to chase a cat to find out whether it gave BAD LUCK or not.

But then she falls down a cliff.

So Kozue is now doubleplusunhappy.

Hope you enjoyed Summer; have a nice Fall~




Anyways some professor comes in and then there’s an earthquake. Kozue’s dead

And then something would have happened if Kozue was here, but Kozue’s dead

And then Kozue would have taken some snake from somewhere and eaten it whole but Kozue’s dead


Fumiaki gets his LUNCH from Chihiro (the vice-principal; thank god MAL exists or I would’ve confused this even further. On an off-topic note, did you know Occult Academy’s rated 17+? On another note, Beethoven has a MAL page, cause he’s so trendy and all that) but he obviously HATES Chihiro so he THROWS IT ALL AWAY

He talks to Mikaze who tells him that she wants to sell bread at the school but THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE so yeah.

Chihiro watches and becomes unhappy.

But her AWESOME unnamed-bodyguard tells her to do what everyone should do when they feel unhappy…

Maya and Ami talk about stuff at the school roof, and Kozue would have too if she was alive but Kozue’s dead

Ami/would-have-been-Kozue but she’s dead reveals that Kozue is the only person in the school who hasn’t had a single occult experience, making her superdoubleplusunhappy. BUT SHE CAN’T BE ANY MORE SUPERDOUBLEPLUSUNHAPPY BECAUSE Kozue’s dead


Maya gets a call from the future and Ami would have gotten a call from Kozue but Kozue’s dead

Fumiaki gets a call from the future and Ami’s not here so I can’t do anything repetitive.

Then they all go down to somewhere and would have found Kozue and maybe even seen her doing something like this but Kozue’s dead

No, I'm the student council president. HAND SONIC

Fumiaki goes to ask Maya for permission to let Mikaze sell bread in the school.

Maya does random kuudere for a while and then lets him by stamping the seal on his forehead.

Well, obviously Fumiaki now has to get the stamp on paper.

Spider-man, spider-man, does whatever a spider can. Stamps paper, any size, is as stupid, as a fly. Look out! Kozue’s dead.

Kozue, if she was alive, would have volunteered to become frozen because people who have been lost in the snow and had their pulse reach zero have been revived in the past. Kozue’s dead

Basically she goes all druggy in the afterlife, because Kozue’s dead

The episode ends with Kozue forgetting all about her addiction to the occult, and being able to see without her glasses.

Another Kozue’s still in the afterlife, searching for her glasses.


Kozue’s dead

But women don’t :<

This episode was REALLY filler-ish. The only reason I had to type so many things and upload so many pictures is that nothing really connected; there wasn’t a main plot. I could sum this up (with all the plot-related events) as: “Kozue may or may not be dead” with one picture of Kozue searching for her glasses in the “afterlife”.

Nothing important happened at all. I don’t get why they made this episode, if not just to give more “depth” to Kozue. Honestly you could wrap /her/ all up with “She likes the occult, hasn’t experienced anything occult, and is extremely myopic”.

TBH, I didn’t really like it… If they have time to make episodes like this, wouldn’t it be better to cut the episode completely and save some money? Or cut the episode to make a better episode to extend the plot? There’s only one anime that makes money through fillers and that’s Naruto. To some extent Bleach but Bleach in itself is just one giant filler.

There’s nothing more to say on this episode. Besides the fact that the characters’ enormous facial repertoire increased by even more.

Which one’s the best face of the episode?

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  1. Eri

    I lole’d at the Angel Beats! reference xD

    2010/08/10 at 17:10

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