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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

So, my summer swimming season is nearly over, all of the normal meets have been completed, the regional meet has also been completed. The only thing left is Provincials, after that, I’ll be able to get fat and eat ramen with mushrooms all day.

50 Butterfly: 11th place

This event, I completely failed at, I’m not really sure why and how I failed. My coach told me I have like perfect technique, the only thing was, I wasn’t going fast enough. Most of the people in my division are going to division 5, they won’t ever get to swim this again. I, however, still have another year, in the mean time, I’ll continue to do crunches, sit ups and leg lifts.

100 Backstroke: 2nd place

I planned to get a medal in this event, me and 2 other people in my team were within milliseconds of each other, we had no clue what order we would end up. Turns out I got 2nd :D

100 Breastroke: 7th place

I have no clue why my coach entered me into this event, I was terrible at stroke. I was originally 8th but then one person got disqualified, therefore making me ranked 7th. In finals, I kept my position.

100 Freestyle: 2nd place

I hate this event, 100 meters of freestyle. It’s really tiring, too much effort is needed. Anyways, I came in ranked 5th and went out ranked 2nd. I think I did pretty well.

Overall, this year was like a trial year, I still have another year in this division, next year, I’ll be pwning…

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  1. SO SO SO




    2010/08/14 at 23:41

  2. You would sooner get disqualified than place first. Even when racing yourself :P

    2010/08/15 at 01:45