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Sorry ya guys, but I’ve been sorta preoccupied with random crap. Firstly, I found that PoFV is INFINITELY easier than any other Touhou game out there, so easy that I actually BEAT IT without CONTINUING, on easy mode. :V

Next, just watched ta first Detective Conan movie – IT WAS PURE BRILLIANCE I SAY




Which amounts ta some 7/10 in my book. WHATEVER IT’S BRILLIANT GO WATCH IT NOW

Finally, I haven’t really done much else. :V Oh well…

^ But… uncertainty principle… :V

^ Don’t ya all feel sorry fa poor Mokou and Kaguya now… and Yuyuko and Lyrica and Merlin and Lunasa and Mima and Ellen and Kana and Ruukoto and Patchy and Remy and Flan and Medicine and Yukarin and… ya know what, immortality isn’t all that bad.

^ I could listen ta this all day long…

^ Poor computa…

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  1. No happy AWESOMEBANANADANCER’s post about the video where Justin Bieber was hit with a bottle?Oh well…gonna try out tomorrow.

    2010/08/19 at 01:42

  2. abd’s gone fa some reason ;_;

    Since ta 13th ._.

    2010/08/19 at 03:42