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Piano Examination

Art from danbooru (possibly NSFW ads)

That’s right, today’s ta day of my piano examination…

Actually, in approximately 5 minutes from now, I’ll begin ta exam. This actual post was written on like Friday or somethin :V

I don’t know what ta say… MY ENTIRE FUTURE DEPENDS ON THIS I’ll probably have ta quit piano lessons if I fail this, but that doesn’t matter because music =/= lessons…

Oh well.

Not much more ta say, I guess…

Wish me luck?

(Though that’s useless for a piano exam :P)

9 responses

  1. Good luck.And remember…Jesus is watching you all the time.So if you fail he is going to laugh at you,point his finger at you while saying:”See?That’s what happens when you don’t go to church!”And we don’t want that to happend so…yeah.Hope you do well…

    Also I like Merlin more…. :D :D (No I don’t play the trumpet.I do not like to put thing in my mouth… :D :D)

    2010/08/21 at 23:59

  2. I always get Lyrica and Merlin mixed up. (This is because I generally only played Reimu-A at first, so I never got to know the other two much.)

    2010/08/22 at 03:37

  3. Good luck, I know it’s kinda late but I just realized how to post comments.

    2010/08/22 at 13:46

  4. Teehee, it’s over :P

    2010/08/22 at 18:42

  5. Yeah, I think Lunasa was Reimu, and I know Merlin was Sakuya, so Lyrica was Marisa, who I never played (no homing, I think? :V)

    2010/08/22 at 18:43

  6. Merlin can play ta trumpet without using her mouth :P

    2010/08/22 at 18:43

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  8. Yi

    A bit late, but I hope it went well.

    2010/08/23 at 09:10

  9. Thanks~

    2010/08/23 at 23:32