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From danbooru, for those people cough cough who can’t remember which sister is which

Alright, seeing as my exam’s over and I’ll have posted this anyways, I guess it’s time ta updated on several musical stuff that’s gone by…

Firstly, Alphonse Nguyen’s contest is over, with what I think is two entries – exactly ta amount KK’s competition got :P

I’d have liked ta participate, however, summer just went by way too quickly, with me doing hardly anything at all. >:| Next is fall and then… well, and then school starts and I won’t have time ta do anything…

Next, the Ichigo’s Web Symphony thingy that I talked about is in ta process of finding pieces; so I suppose this is ta last, last, chance ta join. After transcribing starts and ya instrument isn’t listed, I suppose joining will take more hassle than it’s worth, so… last chance ta join, email me, register on Ichigos’ and PM me, or… somethin. :V

Finally, after my piano exam I now have a cold, because piano exam places are cold. Ta exam itself… I wouldn’t say it went smoothly, because ta piano in ta room was very, very echo-y, so one note would resound for nearly half a second, which is a lot when you’re trying ta play sixteenth-note passages. Lost my place (cause memorization is mandatory) for some pieces, but didn’t restart for any – so I think I’ll pass, with a margin of maybe one or two points. That’s not very good. :V

I suppose that’s all; my camera still sucks badly, so if I can, I’ll try ta get another one ta record what I played for ta exam… but now that it’s over, I can finally relax for ta rest of summer…



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  1. By the way…Lunasa and Merlin are super nice to play with in PoFV once you unlock them.Lunasa’s danmaku can be super MEAN if you don’t defeat her fast.And Merlin damaku is too randomish…Like Shiki’s.(Spoiler)You can beat every difficulty without C if you play with Ayaya of Medicine,sice their danmaku pwn super fast the enemy…ALWAYS!

    2010/08/23 at 12:07

  2. Didn’t even know Lunasa/Merlin were in PoF :V

    2010/08/23 at 23:29