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^^Is it a Good Idea to Microwave This? presents their season 8 finale. In this episode, metal somehow caught on fire, trolls got owned by Jory Caron and we found out that microwaves are more powerful that Jesus Christ.

^This is actually supposed to be one big video, only it’s too big for Youtube so there’s 2 parts. Pranav Mistry is a total genius, he invented SixthSense. It is totally the most epic piece of technology evar, if I could only live with one piece of technology for the rest of my life, I would choose this one. I mean, freaking taking pictures with your handss, gaming on a piece of paper and phoning somebody using you hand. Apple, Windows, Linux… You all just got pwned.

^The teeny Joe band present “Mini Concerto”. How do we know those are tiny Joes, maybe it’s just a freakishly large piano.

^Windows and Mac are crap. So says Anand Agarawala, he creates a software that simulates a real world desk, all your documents can just be layed around, or you can pile them up. You can also hand them on walls and such. Too bad Google bought the company, instead of being free, it costs 30 bucks to download it. :C

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