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Geering Up: Day One

So, this is like an engineering/tech camp. We were told to blog out the day on a website called Prezi. I though to myself how redundant it was, then, I figured I could post what I was blogging onto that website. I included many pictures to satisfy the camp leaders, I’m not going to post them here cause I’m lazy and I don’t think the pictures add to the post. [Geering up is still an excellent camp, we don’t get chained to a computer and type stuff all day]

[/begin journal-type thing]


Similar to every other camp I’ve attended throughout my life, we began with icebreakers to get to know other people. We played this game called “Me too”, people would say somethign that applies to them then other people would stand up if it applied to them as well. There were the occasional people which everything applied to them, and there were people who appeared to be anti-social.


Even after our ice breaker, everybody was still a little sketchy with each other. I was put into group 2 along with four other people. We were given a hundred dollars to buy equipment, using this we would try to support a battery along with making the tallest tower possible. The three girls discussed, me and another boy (forgot his name already) had ideas but they never took our ideas in. Eventually, we were able to present our ideas to the other people. Unfortunately, we were given a wooden thing, my idea didn’t require one of those so our group stuck with the other idea. When building it, we were way too rushed. In the end, we placed second and survived the hurricane and the earthquake test. The one group that beat us was a team that literally had the exact same design as us, except they attached straws to the top so that their’s would be taller. We should have gotten bonus points for not using up all our money.


The short fifteen minute break turned out to be pretty uneventful, about three minutes in, most people finished their snack already, to pass the rest of the time, we told riddles. Since I am a total nerd, I knew the answers to all of these riddles. Although I wasn’t able to gain any more experience from listening to people fail, I guess it was somewhat entertaining.

Tie-Dye Shirt

Oh joy, I got to tie-dye a shirt. Well, actually, we didn’t actually tie the shirt at all, the camp organizers just named it that for it to sound cooler. I had experience tie dying shirts so I asked for an elastic band then started. The rest of the class got syringes to decorate their shirt with. The person behind me called himself “BOB9000”, he just put polka dots everywhere. Like, covering the entire shirt, he used up like 20 syringes worth of dye. Anyways, I don’t see how this has anything to do with engineering or technology but whatever, I get another shirt.


Lunch was typical. I ate my lunch, then, since I didn’t really want to play soccer in the blazing sun, proceeded to play with my rubix cube. That took me pretty much the whole lunch hour, however in the ened, I solved it. The other people had a dry hot dog with some ketchup, that reminds me why getting hot lunches from camps are terrible. Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Face-Left, Left, Face-Right

Computers-Picnik and Prezi

When I heard we were going to the computer lab I was like “HOLY CRAP, YES!”. Then I found out that we were going to be editing photos and blogging using two websites-Picnik and Prezi. Picnik turned out to be really boring, the only thing that was good about it was the fact you could pixelate stuff and/or you could blur things. Prezi seemed terrible at first but it turned out to be ok, I guess. Like, I mean, I’ll be fine with it this week but I doubt I’ll use it in the future.


Well, this camp turned out to be better than expected, I think it’s well suited for me, maybe because of the grade level it’s aimed towards or maybe just because staying at home the whole day is a bit tiring

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