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(Also known as TA PI GAME)

Alright, I got bored today, and this is ta outcome after some 5 minutes.

:V Have fun.

Download Link (as much as ya want it ta, it’s not a virus – trust me)

Oh, and first person ta discover all ta quirks to ta file gets nothing. But just a note out there that there are quirks in it :V

EDIT: Just noticed, for ta last question I didn’t round up pi to ta last digit, so it’s technically incorrect. OH WELL DERP DE DERP :V

4 responses

  1. Flare’s review of the game:

    1.Grafics-Oh,wow.I was just shocked by the awesome grafics.I have seen many games like Bioshock,super mario(nes) and many many other games with super beautiful grafics.But this…this is too much.I cannot even call it awesome.It’s something a simple human cannot understand.It’s…GOD!
    2.Gameplay-Hours of non-stop addictive gameplay.Tons of stuff to unlock.A lot of characters to choose from.So addictive that I am not going to the school ceremony tomorrow cuz of it.
    3.Music-I thought that the Touhou games have very nice and awesome music.Well…this game proved that I was wrong.The music in it will give you a feeling which you have never felt before.What…WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!!

    Final score: 5/10 The game was awesome.Too awesome.That’s why I give it only 5 points.

    Is there going to be a sequel?Only Ash KETCHUP knows…

    2010/08/31 at 23:18

  2. Derp derp there are no characters derp derp


    2010/08/31 at 23:54

  3. There are characters-The one who is playing the game!

    2010/09/01 at 01:23

  4. That’s :Vain


    2010/09/01 at 16:36