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Mushy’s On Vacation Post Four

Surprising how I collected all of these in a single day, huh?

…No, I just decided ta browse through Google Reader for ta first time in like 17 days or something. On that note, I still haven’t watched any anime since like 2 weeks ago. God I am so behind on things :ohdear:

(don’t expect Amagami SS/Digimon Half Season Reviews anytime soon :heh:)

^ IT’S A SANDWICH TRAP, TRAPS 99% OF ALL SANDWICHES AT 50% TA COST! CALL US AT 1-800-180-1800 NOW to receive ya NOT VERY FREE SANDWICH TRAP. DO /YOU/ HAVE PROBLEMS TRAPPING /YOUR/ SANDWICHES!? CALL US NOW. Also, /YOU/ are an idiot. Finally, how do ya trap sandwiches anyways :/

^ OK, someone seriously tell me how they made that water effect at ta very beginning :< People should use that effect more often…

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