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Ghost of Mary Turner Story

So, I went to camp Elphinstone. After I finished, I was required to write a story about camp and the ghost of mary turner. Enjoy.

The Ghost of Mary Turner

Life was boring. Dave Sunny-O was supposed to be listening to his teacher ramble on about the several achievements of great Italian scientists, however, he was not. Dave had no interest in school and staying inside a cramped, stuffy building, learning about things that would never benefit him in life. To Dave, it was just six hours of his life that he would never get back.

Any task or assignment his teacher threw at him was completed and submitted with ease. Everything was day in, day out. Dave could deal with this though, he was fine with monotony, it was just that he was waiting for one specific week… The fourth week of May. Camp Elphinstone was three days without anything classroom-related, just him and his friends enjoying the outdoors-to him, it sounded like utopia.

With two days left until camp, the teacher called everybody to the rug for a story. Dave listened for a bit, then drifted off into his own world, waking up, only to hear the last bit clearly. “And so to this day, it is said that every spring, the ghost of Mary Turner returns to camp Elphinstone seeking her lost child. She wanders the camp, on the beaches, in the forest, by the dock and in the cabins seeking a child, any child, to replace her own.” The students sat silently as the teacher stopped speaking, “Sleep well tonight” she murmured. “It’s only a story.”

That night, Dave dreamt that he was at camp having fun. He had won both the canoe race and the kayak race, aced the low ropes and then transformed into Robin Hood as he took on the archery challenge. His enemy, John Smith was always right behind him, each time using his determination to climb closer to the number one spot. The final challenge was shelter building, the hardest of all six activities. Everybody was given instructions before the students began their work. However, as Dave was about to pick up a stick, a low moaning sound came from a small, dilapidated, old hut. Dave was startled for a bit but when he saw John working hard, he quickly resumed his work. A few minutes later, he heard the noise again, but only this time, it was much louder and everybody heard it. Dave glanced around, then spotted what seemed like a wisp of smoke coming towards him.

It was a ghost.

Everybody started running away except for Dave and John. They were both entranced at the sight. Dave knew he had to run, but his legs wouldn’t move; his muscles were trying its hardest but were seemingly glued to the ground. “This must be the end then”, he thought to himself. “The ghost needed a child and he would be the one, erased from the earth, dragged down to the grave with a ghost that lost her own child.” As the ghost came directly in front of him, it looked at both of them, then dragged John into the ground and left. Dave screamed for help because he was still stuck in the same spot. Then he woke up. As Dave looked around his bedroom, he noticed everything was normal to his relief. He told himself “It was just a dream, nothing will actually happen at camp, there are no such things as ghosts”.

The next day at school, the teacher announced that the trip to camp would be cancelled. A school had just come back from camp but then realized that one boy was missing. When they called back to see if he was there, the camp searched the whole facility but couldn’t find him.

The boy’s name was John Smith.

2 responses

  1. Poor John Smith… and it wasn’t even Jane Doe!

    2010/09/08 at 01:46

  2. Wai-wai-wait. So John/Jane Doe is basically a placeholder for a name if somebody doesn’t have one or their identity remains unknown?

    2010/09/08 at 01:59