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One Year Anniversary

FINAL EDIT: No more editing, but just found out; 12.8 English Patch v.1.00 has been RELEASED by Gensokyo.org today! :D IT’S OBVIOUSLY A COINCIDENCE THOUGH. Have nice non-#CirnoDay’s, people~

From Danbooru

Bet ya thought this was gonna be a CIRN⑨ DAY TWENTY TEN YEAH YEAH YEAH post, didn’t ya?

Well, it is.

But other than Cirno’s awesomeness, there’s also one more thing that’s happening today…

It’s ta one year anniversary of this blog.

If ya wondering why I’m always using Danbooru (image link), pixiv’s login protocol fails :<

“Wait what?!” ya might say. “But, Mushy, ta obvious first post was in January, and even then that wasn’t really a post, cause ya only started ta post-a-day crap in February!”

Yeah, yeah. Ya see, there’s a meaning behind all that.


Actually, there’s not any climax, point, or meaning; they’re just random dates.

“But wait! How do we know ya just not lying ta make yaself feel superior to all ta newfag blogs?”


Well, I may have created this on ta 10th, but I have proof that I have had 10 views on ta 10th. Thusly, ya can then assume I created this on ta 9th.

I’m too lazy ta photoshop it, so just rest on my word :V

So then, because I want ta reminisce on ta old days, here’s a brief summary of what happened between September the 9th and January the 13th:


O-New started out as a gaming design project between me and five other people. Needless ta say, what with my poor leadership and all that (cough cough not pointing ta more current drama in Ichigos Web Symphony or anything :V :V :V), that failed.

I originally posted a bit for this ta become a development blog, but after ta group disbanded… well, nothing happened.

I completely forgot about ta blog.

In January I unearthed it, but realized I lacked motivation ta constantly update it, thus another fall.

Finally, in February I revived it fully, and since then we have had at least one post a day, and two posts during ta summer months.

Thusly, more spam ta spam ya with :P

I’d summarize what happened between February and now, but I’ll do that during ta /next/ anniversary; after all, as I said, two birthdays = twice ta cake.

Finally, there’s probably one last question ya guys have.

“What happened to ta old posts?! I WANT TA SEE HOW SUCKILY YA WROTE BACK THEN :V”


Danbooru Link

I reject your history and substitute my own.

And that’s ya history lesson for today.

In other news;

Nothing is happening with ta blog design. Unfortunately. Oh well, simplicity/minimalisticity is fine… (unless ya guys don’t think so)

We will release a post a day from now on. Ya know, ta lessen ta spam and all that? Yeah. Also, since I can only go on ta computer for like half an hour each day (as opposed ta seven)…


To conclude; I made this post up in like five minutes so it’s screwy; this blog is oooooooooooooooold but not as in ooooooooooold with content but like oooooooooooold with dust; Keine likes ta kill history/reality/whatever.




More Cirno Day crap:

^ Which reminds me, Cirno x Yuki-Onna OTP

^ Actually, I don’t foresee many Cirno Day special videos (after all, there’s still two days until it’s completely passed). These are just random Cirno-related videos I see popping up in my subscriptions. And I still don’t have a pixiv account. :<

^ marisaface.jpg

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    2010/09/09 at 04:36

  2. W⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨!!!!!!!!

    2010/09/09 at 09:11

  3. Not gonna repost a comment, but thanks ta both of ya for being some of our only regular readers (I know there’s a bit more, but generally nobody really stays very long) too~

    Hopefully ta next half-year’ll be a productive (oh wait ya can’t be productive on a blog :V) one.

    Now if only I had cake…

    2010/09/09 at 22:54

  4. Cakes are lies

    2010/09/10 at 03:13

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