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…Er, yeah. After condensing all of those posts, I guess everyone got offended and are now on strike :V



Anyways, I have enough to publish this TWICE without it getting REPETITIVE, but since this is a little bit bare I’m gonna add more commentary than I usually do. So here it is~

^ Magnus Carlsen, 20-year old chess prodigy and the top rated chess player in the WORLD… beat the world. AND I MISSED IT WHAT THE :V

Basically speaking, this guy played a vote-chess game against the world. This means that he plays as himself, and the world votes on which move they should play. Along with the world are three grandmasters whose names escape me; anyways, they’re really good players.

Unfortunately, this has a major flaw – ya don’t get smarter with more people. Even if ya have a flock of a million sheep, they won’t really try to escape, even if their pen is really badly built.

Instead, what we get is an average; that means, Magnus Carlsen, a 2800+ rated player, is essentially playing against a 1200, because that’s the average. Obviously it’s a little bit higher due to the three grandmasters leading the way and the simple fact that low-ranked chess players don’t really care about this.

Nevertheless, what I’m trying to say is that this is not a fair fight. If there are a majority of stupid people who will sacrifice a queen for a pawn, that majority will win the vote and the world will lose.

Thank god 4chan didn’t take part in this or else Magnus would’ve won before the first move due to forfeit :P


Funny, there wasn’t an official announcement for it. Anyways, as I was checking the stats counter today, I noticed the change and searched it up.

Not much else seems to have changed, though a way to allow ya to select which style of graph ya want could be useful… (and wouldn’t take that long)

^ C’mon, if there was a picture of Mima there isn’t a picture of Yuyuko? :V

Unfortunately, those were my only actual links for today. I was sure something else happened…

Here, they used a simple midi playing program and added various improvisations to it, so that pictures could be seen. End result: CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!

Interesting, but what would be even more interesting if the pictures actually sounded like something. For some, they sounded pretty nice (like the ZUN one), but for others they were just random mishmashing of notes.

When ya mix art and music, interesting stuff can happen, I guess.

^ Surprised noone’s made a lullaby of deserted hell x Scarborough fair yet :V

The similarities are just so obvious. Sorta like Septette for the Dead Princess x Pathétique Sonata (third movement); I’m really surprised nobody’s made any combination of sorts yet.

Of course, I don’t look through every arrange on the net so I’m not sure; if ya find a link of one of them, give them to me and I’ll go cry in a corner because I won’t be the first person to arrange one of those.

Then again my arranges take six months to finish (a one page long arrange with like 30 notes in total orz).


^ srs suika faic is srs

The last one of today. Have ya noticed that this post is four hours late? I hope not ._.

It’s yet another one of those brilliant orchestral arranges with like 100 violins or something.

Apparently the face behind Suika is UNZAN but he wasn’t created then so there goes my theory that Suika got her powers from him :(

For some reason, after the vocals kick in, it seems a lot like one of those anime OPs. Then, it hit me that anime OPs are just regular songs with fancy images added in.


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  1. I like the medley thingy.It’s….ahem,interesting.And Mima is awesome.Cuz she….she…hmmm.I WILL COME UP WITH SOMETHING!And IT will sting,like the bee.

    2010/09/17 at 07:12

  2. Mima has nothing to do with PCB :V

    2010/09/18 at 01:44