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But why not… THIS WEEKEND?

Because IT’S FREE!


Slogan: “Minecraft, that game that I’d totally buy if I had any monetary possessions capable of transmission across the internet, but I don’t, so all I can do is make up this shitty post about how you can get it for free for this weekend though the real reason I’m making this post is because I don’t have time to make another more meaningful post.”

Unfortunately, this ain’t an O-NEG; it’s a links post, so here we go…

^ And the first image is of Minecraft! That’s what ya do in it. This guy probably spent 2 years making that. What? Minecraft hasn’t been out for 2 years? OH WELL

^ OK seriously this guy has no life (or I have no life and I could be making this, but instead wasting my time on stupid forums :V)

Same .MIDI program that the Mimamemlomdy guy used. Sol eater… someone who eats suns… Well, not the Death Star that’s for sure.

Maybe I’m the only person who finds those yellow bars at the top really grating, because they’re just the same thing, over and over again, held for so long; and just those two notes!

The rest sound alright, I guess. But ZUN-style is really too repetitive, IMO. I can’t tell much of a melody out of this jumble of notes; I think it only starts at around 2:30. Maybe if ya listen to it more, it’ll become more memorable or something. I’m not sure…


Oh, did I tell ya guys? I have a viola now. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Next instrument I’m gonna learn is definitely trumpet, for quite obvious reasons. As to why I didn’t choose a violin, I think I’ll start with some backstory.

I signed up for a strings program in school; just about everyone wanted to learn violin (because they didn’t know what the other instruments were :V). The teacher then guaranteed that anyone not learning violin would get a B, because they have so few of them that you’ll /always/ be selected to be part of the final orchestra ensemble (which accounts for some marks).

Thusly more marks is always better; and besides, violins kill my ears.

As to this particular arrange, the beat’s amazing – that’s probably why I’m posting it here. Starting a composition with swing notes gets instant bonuses from me.

Sounds like a really vibrant 1930-esque arrange; 1930 songs are /always/ awesome.

^ Yet another epic arrange. I should seriously elevate my standards so that I don’t spam so much :<

Actually, I didn’t realize this was Touhou, like at all.

:V Not much more to say here, I guess…

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    also wow these 2010 posts are weird

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