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Late Links Once Again

I can’t update fast enough!

^ Touhou gets an anime project.

…Sadly, it’s not official. But if this is done right…

…On the other note, if it’s done wrong I think 2chan’ll cave in on itself. Oh, and everyone in the studio involved will die through mysterious car accidents. OH WELL WHO CARES

^ Humans use: ‘AWESOMENESS!’ Environment faints!

Wait, that’s not a good thing.

^ Pokemon live-action movie.

Old news now, but… yeah. Y’know how those doujin groups make so much Touhou trailers/PVs/even one episode of a potential animu (that was cut because… I forgot, really). This is another one, but it’s to do with Pokémon, and it’s not made by some doujin group. Now, if a big studio were to create an actual pokemon live-action movie with this kind of style (kinda like how they’re making a Touhou Anime now)…


2 responses

  1. Pokemon live-action movie trailer=3 minutes of non stop laughter.XD Lol at the poor pikachu…what the hell are they feeding these pokemons?Looks like the devil possessed them all.:D Wow,that trailer sure made my day. XD (Ash…for the love of god…you sure need a good shaving.XD)

    2010/09/25 at 08:00

  2. Hurrrrrrrr sadist

    And Ash is browner than Brock. HOW DOES THAT WORK

    2010/09/25 at 23:13