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Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin 13 [Completed]

The finale’s here.


The final episode of Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin starts with a flashback to when Jun’ichiro decided to go away to hiding. Seems that Chihiro actually did die last episode, and her only appearance in the episode preview was this flashback…

Chihiro warps Jun’ichiro to some random place (that he doesn’t even know where it is), where he finds out that the SUN.. has EXPLODED.

The guys behind him are SO SHOCK

Maya plans for the younger Fumiaki to meet the older Fumiaki at the school’s closing ceremony.

Unfortunately, they’ve been informed that a space-time rift in the continuum will happen or something – in which case, as Enzo predicted, Fumiaki was the actual key as opposed to Mikaze.

“You’ll become so jealous of your younger self’s popularity that a spacetime rift will appear!”

Cue complicated scientific speech that’s about as scientific and founded as Maya’s speech about Waldstein’s definition of the occult. I’M TELLIN YA HE ONLY EXISTS IN BEETHOVEN’S SONATAS

Fortunately, the Rum-chan Drum-fisher Rejection doesn’t exist.

Maya and Fumiaki cancel the appointment, much to the fury of Fumiaki’s mom.

Unfortunately, younger Fumiaki has escaped and lies down to sleep right beside the Academy…

Are think you who what what what?

Stupidly enough, Fumiaki is allowed to stay, even at July 21st – y’know, I think I’d rather sacrifice a visit to my mom if I were able to, y’know, SAVE THE WORLD. Unfortunately, possibly because of my earlier thoughts, there /is/ only one timeline involved.

Seems that Fumiaki (and the world) are doomed, as what else would happen with an extension of time till Apocalypse come coupled with the presence of younger Fumiaki in the final episode of an anime?

“Whatever your normal is.” But you still seem to have a cold so TAKE TYLENOL

Anyways, the meddling kids (and Shige) hold a farewell party for Fumiaki – who they still think is called Abe Minoru! :V

…But finally, the final blow comes.

Older Fumiaki meets Younger Fumiaki.

Even the caution sign is sad!

The rift opens.

Ya’d expect the whole world to die now, but somehow, just in the nick of time (as someone predicted waaaaaaay back in an episode one post), Fumiaki regains his spoon-bending powers.

Somehow he bends that one spoon and all of the aliens die.

Don’t believe me?

Nineteen pictures are worth about six of my essays.

World saved but Fumiaki died – which means that the key was destroyed as well. Perhaps it wasn’t him killing the aliens that stopped the apocalypse (cause there has to be more aliens; nuclear bombs can do some damage, y’know), but rather him being killed.

Regardless, the apocalypse is stopped, and with Fumiaki’s final words on her mind, “take care of me” (which would have sounded really strange if you didn’t understand the situation), Maya leads off younger Fumiaki into the future.

Jun’ichiro and his crew emerge from their hideout to find that the world is exactly as it should be in 2012 – without aliens, without destruction. Their den turns into a café, and the real mastermind behind all of this finally starts heading home.

Final Review (y’know, to separate the summary from my actual thoughts :V I would put a picture here usually, but I’m too lazy today)

Clocking in at a massive 4,296 kB is my archive of the first, fully posted anime series of this site to date – all thirteen episodes of Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin is on this here very blog.

First off, that was brilliant. The ending, at least. Perhaps even a masterpiece; I have never seen such a breathtaking ending to any anime as of yet (then again, I’ve finished what three series so far? animenoob.jpg).

HOWEVER, Occult Academy had shite middle episodes. As I said, take this over 6 episodes instead and we have nonstop action and AWESOMENESS. Unfortunately, that would have completely ruined the pacing and surprise; so the only way to make such a fantastic ending would be to make the middle episodes comparably weak.

Well, that sucks.

Secondly; this series is so full of plot holes that the holes take up more space than the actual plot. Which is pretty much impossible because holes don’t take up space – that’s how much plotholes there are.

Seriously, why would you stay at the school if you KNEW that the world might just be ENTIRELY FUCKING DESTROYED that day? Wouldn’t you like, teleport IMMEDIATELY? Why would those people over in the future even LET HIM stay another day? Without confirming younger Fumiaki’s position? History (which Fumiaki somehow changed, even though he’s not a were-hakutaku) should have only one path, and the future guys should know that (seeing as one of them has ‘studied’ Information Science and the ‘something-chan cup-fisher rejection’)!

Let’s move to the positives, shall we? Occult Academy has, first and foremost, absolutely wonderfully amazingly fantastically brilliantly awesome planning. You could tell; they were planning this ending from the very beginning. The pace, the buildup, the sudden realizations and plot twists after plot twists after plot twists…

Unfortunately, that planning somehow didn’t work out. As I said before, I’ll reiterate: the middle episodes SUCKED. Maybe that was part of the plan, but the middle episodes count for half the show.

The finale was brilliant though. Another bonus on the part of planning. The final ‘YEAH MY POWERS ARE BACK’ was just phenomenal. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it, at least watch (the latter half of) this episode. Those final animations had just so much grandiose, so much power, so much… BRILLIANCE, right now I CAN’T EVEN CRY tears of awesomeness because I’M NOT WORTHY of seeing such AWESOME stuff.

…However, the explanations were quite confusing, and… well, there really aren’t any explanations, are there?

Thankfully, here, Divine suggests something I’d not even dare to think – “The only way one could fathom this working out is if the future happened before the past…”

…Divine then says something derogatory after that but I won’t quote that!

Anyways, hey, why not? What if there were actually three possible futures?

There was that one movie – Déjà Vu – with multiple timelines that could explain this near-perfectly (watch the movie (it’s a good one)/read wikipedia to understand the picture).

Anyways, hate to cut this short but I wanna get this published. As I said, this would’ve been much better if the middle parts were, but… they weren’t.

Amazing’s good enough, ain’t it? :P

Overall Rating: 6/10 (Amazing)

Oh, also, it’s not December 2012 yet, it’s July 2012… :P


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