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Murphy’s Law and Productivity

(Firstly, check out this YouTube Symphony Orchestra thing~ oh jeez the jealousy it’s boiling up in me now WHY ICHIGOS WHY ARE WE SO SUCKISH)

魔古 ~ to Saw a Tree is finally finished! Check out the previous (updated now) post~ (it has a video too! Sorry for linking everyone to three things)

DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO CONVERT ALL OF THOSE IMAGES? First .svg in Raven, couldn’t export to .svg so I had to save it as .pdf, then I had to export it to .jpg because Windows Movie Maker accepts NEITHER .svg NOR .pdf, and then I had to RESIZE it because the .pdf exporting from .svg failed. Also ALL OF THOSE STACCATOS AND DYNAMICS AND CRESCENDOS OH MY GOD IT’S AMAZING I’M NOT DEAD YET

I COMPLETELY DELETED MY FLUTE PART! Then I Ctrl+Z’d like three hundred times and it came back :V Also, Thanksgiving’s interfering with my process so it’s two days late ;~; I didn’t post the .midi because IT SOUNDS FRAAKING HORRIBLE Also, the whole thing is 159 measures, so I guess anyone who likes 159159159 a lot gets extra cred. Finally, I’m ‘posting’ this on the 9th so that I don’t seem late, cause I CAN ALTER HISTORY AND WHAT YA GONNA DO BOUT THAT HUH]

Yeah, I typed those beforehand, after the first post but before this one.

Here’s the gist of what happened, leading ultimately to a four-day delay in the completion of my (incredibly silly) project.

By Day T-4ish, I’d already finished the composition (besides the last, modulated part), and was probably just feeling good about myself doing that, so instead of working on it for as much as I could, I decided to watch anime instead on Day T-1.

That was my first mistake.

Perhaps that had to do with setting/saying out your goals? Here’s a TED Talk by Derek Sivers in regards to the problem I had in front of me.

Funny enough, our class had an assignment to search for TED Talks such as this one, and on a separate forum I browse, out of the middle of nowhere someone threw in this TED Talk. Coincidences only become coincidences when they align, right?

Anyways, in brief, the Talk says that you shouldn’t say out your goals, because even though there’s ‘pressure’ from your peers to finish it, you have a sense that what you’re working on already is finished after you state your goal aloud. That obviously means less work done – thus a later finishing time.

That’s what I should’ve done, but instead I think I blurted out that this was for Muffin’s birthday on the 9th.

That one comment just left me psychologically satisfied without any incentive to continue further.

First mistake made.

Second mistake was thinking I could draw forty-seven frames, in vector, of a completely new program I’ve never heard of before, in a day.

It says I’ve spent some seventeen hours on it in total.

Welp, that wasn’t planned for.

I’m not this girl, though sometimes I wish I was (UNLIMITED CHOCOLATE WORKS)

Final mistake was thinking that I had all the programs installed already.

BIG mistake. Took me at least an hour to two hours to find all the programs – drawing, converting to .pdf because converting to .svg or raster bitmap didn’t work, converting from .pdf to bitmap, resizing bitmap, making movie at a 16:9 perspective, uploading movie, etc. etc. etc.

At the end, these three mistakes brought my downfall.

Coupled with these mistakes are things that I might have been able to avoid, but because of Murphy’s Law, just had to happen.

Firstly, I think you all know this, but my blood vessel in my right eye blood vessel popped.

OH WELL, doesn’t hurt at all, didn’t hurt at all, and if it does hurt at all in the future I probably need to go to the hospital. Woke up one day, went to the mirror, and suddenly I saw that my eye was completely red.

V; (that’s my right eye bleeding)

Secondly – I got a virus on my computer. This happened at the very last hour, so of course, I was royally pissed.

Thankfully logging off and logging on again saved it – another lesson learnt, that being rational is always the best solution.

A bunch of other things happened (parents started fighting when I was on the middle of a frame and had to quit, went past my ‘parental controls’ time of 10:00 and had to sleep at 1:00, etc.), but at the end, nothing beats that feeling of… accomplishment at the end of all this.

It’s like I’ve actually done something. Maybe I’ll base another composition just out of this feeling.

In retrospect, it’s really quite sad.

I feel accomplished that I drew some frames of an imaginary flying mushroom girl getting beaten up by loggers, who then realizes that everything’s actually all in a circle and it’ll all begin again while a flying mushroom explodes in her face.

…That’s sad.

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