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This is just getting ridiculous.

Coming to Theatres Yesterday.

Manabizaki tries to activate his reverse resolve, whatever that does, but obviously fails.


Two sophomores (what does that even mean? Just use Grade 10/11/12 kk pl0x), FRAN and REMI MUTOU, beat the crap out of Kirishima.


Fran, this really fat dude, uses REVERSE RESOLVE and becomes IRON MAN

He falls out a window and dies.

It’s bat MAN, thank you very much


Mutou, the other guy who didn’t care that Fran just died a second ago, uses a KATANA and something MAGICAL happens and stuff.


Yamikura appears and blocks Mutou with a KATANA and something MAGICAL and stuff.

Seriously, this is more far-fetched than Beelzebub. At least for Beelzebub, the girl juggling four guns at once was somewhat explained, instead of using something stupid like RESOLVE, which apparently EVERYONE in the school has. How can there still be teachers at the school?! Why would people still even ATTEND school?!

It just doesn’t make sense.

I want to drop this, but I don’t know. It should get good, I hope it gets good, and it better get good; but bottom line, if the plot doesn’t start to get more explained and streamlined by Chapter 20, SWOT’s gonna get dropped by me.

Then again, that’d be suckish if it starts getting good right after Chapter 30, and then I won’t be able to say that I’ve blogged it all along ;~;


…Babushka doll.”

4 responses

  1. Why are you even reviewing this, stop the madness

    2010/10/15 at 01:04

  2. Because I want FAME and FORTUNE

    2010/10/15 at 04:33

  3. ALSO!The proper name for that doll is Matrioshka.And I know this cuz I have a bunch of them. But I guess that’s how YOU foreign people call them.

    Start making LPs.It’s a good way to attract people.

    2010/10/15 at 09:44

  4. But I don’t play stuff! :V Choy’ll take care of that though…

    2010/10/16 at 00:38