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Internet Meme 101: OVER 9000!!!

You guys are so awesome, so I’m going to continue this series

Nappa: Vegeta, what does the scanner say about his power level?!

Vegeta: IT’S OVER 9000!!!

Nappa: WHAT 9000?!

Classical. Just classical. I seriously used this meme so much last year that if I used it any more, I’d get OVER 9000 PEOPLE TRY TO KILL ME! (Lesson Number 9000! on how to incorporate this meme into seriously anything) Honestly, I could respond in every single way you could imagine with “OVER 9000!!!” Favourite Meme, period.

Everyday convo:

Person: Hey YuChoy

YuChoy: Wut?

Person: How much homework do we have?

YUCHOY: OVER 9000!!!

Person: -_-

Second Example:

Person: What chapter of _____ manga are you on?


Person: O_o

It takes practice to be so pro with this meme, and when you do I recommend learning how to run away from people threatening to pound you.




In other words, OVER 9000 means that a large amount of something, and for people who don’t know where it’s from, it’s from this intriguing anime with amazing fighting scenes >_>

Hint hint: The mainthing everything in that anime share in common; one word: CONSTIPATION! Still don’t know? Fine, here.

And this even more messed up remix:


Life Tip: Use the meme OVER 9000 as much as you can, and you will succeed in life…a one in OVER 9000 POSSIBILITY THAT IS!!! (har har har*shot*)

FUN FACT: The Japanese Translations were originally supposed to be OVER 8000, with not so much enthusiasm. 8000 seems awkward to say.

ANOTHER FUN FACT: Yesterday the pedo post (pedo post?) got 14 views, second to Durarara x Black Lagoon. Did I attract pedos to o-new? (DUN DUN)


Don't worry Vegeta. We all understand your feelings


This post is like extremely unstructured (since when were any posts structured?)Bye bye guys, and in response to drawing pedophiles to O-New, here’s something to feed those strange pedos


Cherry flavour???


14 responses

  1. Dude, how do you have time to do this, you have like over 9000 assignments to do.

    2010/10/18 at 15:13

  2. More ideas for you: Lolcats, Rickrolling, This is Sparta, O rly Owl, LEEEEEEEEEEEROY JENKINS, Shoop da woop or ima firin mah lazer

    yeah, thats it

    2010/10/18 at 15:19

  3. [Yesterday the pedo post (pedo post?) got 14 views]

    That was me.I visit this blog like…5-10-15 times a day.Without any reason.I’m just coming,clicking on the post and then I get out.Then after some time I repeat it.That’s Mind**** for you. XD

    Those posts are interesting.Athough I know about most of them and their origins,I still like them.

    2010/10/18 at 16:58

  4. THAT MEANS YOURE A PEDO! lol jokes

    2010/10/18 at 23:14

  5. yeah im doing shoop da whoop next

    2010/10/18 at 23:15

  6. Woah, ADD much :V

    2010/10/19 at 00:15

  7. Priorities :V

    2010/10/19 at 00:15

  8. Wait, so is that @FukoHimeSama or just Fuko?

    2010/10/19 at 00:16

  9. yuchoy

    I don’t know :D

    2010/10/19 at 16:16

  10. er…another thing. For my next post (Internet Meme 101), make sure you only view it ONCE. I want to see how many people ACTUALLY visit this blog besides Flare, and us. Same applies to you guys. Come ONCE, and that’s it. mmk thx

    2010/10/20 at 02:01

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  12. this is horrible lol

    2012/07/09 at 17:27

  13. all memes are horrible jesus god

    2012/07/09 at 17:29

  14. no fuck you go away die in a well off the coast of finland that’s like saying information’s bad and information wants to be free

    2012/07/09 at 20:58