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Three Screens of Death

Alright, it’s been settled.

All three desktop computers are dead.

The first one, something like a decade or so old, is in an unending repetitive loop of resets. It’s not like it can run anything anymore, anyways…

The second one’s fan is broken. I suppose it still works, but the fan’s sound makes it… unusable. We got it for free, so it’s not like we’re losing anything, is it? :P

The final one’s /very/ new, only about three years old; yet, suddenly, that died as well.

…Which means I won’t be active anywhere anymore.

Keep up the blog while I’m gone, k?

…Oh well.

Have nice lives.

2 responses

  1. :(

    Hope you get things working again! Miss you while you’re gone!

    2010/10/25 at 04:20

  2. holy shit are you serious? er…-.- there are no solutions OH WAIT USE SOMEONES LAPTOP

    2010/10/25 at 23:33