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Cat Shit One 1

It’s not Nine One 1.

Posting this cause originally Choy was gonna post it; then he, y’know, died, and (in need of a quick post) looking through my post backlog (which is enormous), everything was half-season reviews, with my computer dying and all; besides this. Also, I need to clear some hard drive space.

Anyways, cause it’s so awesome, why don’t I post using pictures instead?

Our story starts here. The 42nd Advanced Dromedary Division was assigned to escort the two bunnies to this town, where we would wait for helicopter support.

Hopefully, there won’t be any enemies in such a tiny town. We only have three truckloads of camels with us today.

Hey, some bunnies. Don’t know if they’re hostile or not. Maybe they’re why we needed to escort our bunnies here. I’d say they’re safe.

We get off the trucks. This is me. I’m Mohammed. Why did they send three truckloads of people when there’s nobody he-


Behind you! THE BUNNIES ARE SHOOTING AT US! I quickly run to cover; I can’t fight very well if I’m dead.

Dammit! He ran away. Wait, what’s that green thing? Maybe he’s signalling for reinforcements!

Fuck. The reinforcements are here.

I ready my RPG. Hopefully it’ll hit.

YEAH! Take that, bunnies!

Some of them came out alive. Oh well, we’ll deal with them later.

Wait! We forgot about our bunnies! If they die, then this whole mission would fail!

They’re torturing them! Damn it, there’s just too many rabbits for us to kill!

I run outside and blindly flail my blade at a nearby bunny. It didn’t kill, but at least he’s wounded.

But still they come. I retreat.

…Wait, is that…


That should deal with them.

A field of destruction surrounds the area. Yet, we still escorted our objective safely to the chopper.

I’d say it went…

…just as planned.

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