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Yamikura’s horrible attempt to introduce Manabizaki to Real Fightin’ Crap (a branch of KFC) was the only thing I understood this chapter.

Mutou, the person he was fighting, used some sort of weird skill I didn’t understand cause this isn’t animated, and then some guy stopped them from fighting by putting his kitchen knife straight between their swords. Oh, and his wrist isn’t affected even though they’re cutting his wrist, not the kitchen knife. Oh, and because using a book right between the two swords would be SO MUCH HARDER.

Yes, our real fighting crap is selling extremely well! I can just smell the money in front of me!

Yeah, one bad thing about manga is its inability to properly express battles and… animation. Here’s a perfect example; I had no idea what’s going on, as far as I can tell pacmen grew out of Yamikura’s hand and stabbed this person in the chest without killing him. Whereas in manga like Bleach, the author realizes this and slows the battle down to a minute every chapter, or Bakuman, where the author doesn’t even include any action. It’s hard to make action manga; you’ll notice that generally speaking, even in action manga, more emphasis is placed on tactics and strategy – nobody wins through brute force, they have to have backup plans and backup plans and traps and backup plans, a new skill right before s/he’s about to die, and/or BELIEVING IN THE POWER OF YOURSELF.

Oh well, manga wasn’t set for action. Even Beelzebub turned away from brute fighting and into volleyball. And crying babies. And zombies.

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