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Bakuman Half Season Review

“No, it’s a username.”

[ANNOUNCEMENT: I just realized that since I’ve used manual captions instead of the automated ones, I’ve stripped down everything else so clicking the picture won’t bring you to the picture URL, and you can’t hover over the picture to see its title. Oh well, not like anyone read those titles anyways :P]

C’mon, who hasn’t read it. That’s right, nobody. Keep it short.

Mashiro Moritaka likes Azuki Miho, and Takagi Akito finds out.

Akito, AKA Shujin because Akito sounds horrible, declares that he wants to draw manga with Moritaka, AKA Saiko because Moritaka sounds horrible.

“…I have a moustache…?”

Saiko’s uncle, Mashiro Nobuhiro, AKA Kawaguchi Taro because… well, ya get the drift, died from working on manga, so Moritaka originally says no.

However, Saiko then goes to Azuki’s house and they promise to get married after his manga becomes an anime.

“Hey Saiko, here’s some bunny ears and a miniskirt.”

He manages to get into his uncle’s studio with no Reisen involved but wait that doesn’t have to do with anything.

After looking through Nobuhiro’s personal letters, they realize that he was in love with Miho’s mom.

“So, it’s about this father, Darth Vader, whose soul…”

But that doesn’t concern the story any, so let’s continue.

After this, the story gets detailed, so I won’t delve into that. They come up with ideas and other stuff too, including a manga about a BLIND BASEBALL PLAYER

I guess his studying was pretty HARDCORE

They manage to come up with a name and manuscript, and a poorly-animated Miyoshi Kaya ‘just confessed me’ Shujin. Hopefully, you didn’t understand that. If you did, I’d advise you to take some ESL courses. Right now.

Backstory’s revealed about Shujin – apparently he was just a nice goody-two goody-shoes until one day he sorta exploded at his parents. Now he’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~


Anywho, they decide to apply for Shounen Jack, because Shounen Leap would be totally unoriginal.

Finally, they submit their manuscript to Hattori Akira, a black guy…


I’m amazed.

I thought this wouldn’t do well because Bakuman’s very detail-oriented and not very action-based – but, unfortunately, I forgetfully omitted the mangaka’s astounding facial repertoire.

A mis-guided conception, I suppose, but Bakuman’s success seems to be fueled by the innate addition of humour into the very art of it. There really are not many humorous actions, yet, Bakuman creates this atmosphere comparable to any 4koma anime, though undeniably a much smoother one.

Nevertheless, it seems that this will only run for 25 episodes; a shame to see such a brilliant manga cut off so early on. We can only hope that they create a suitable finale, not some ‘and so, Saiko and Shujin’s adventures continue, to await another day…’. However, seeing as the anime has stayed so tirelessly upon the path of the manga, that’s the most likely outcome of this scenario.

Seriously, I did not edit this. I wouldn’t even come up with something so noisy.

I’ve only also just realized how sexist this is. It’s all about men’s dreams, men’s desires, the two main characters are men and it’s all about men’s opinions. Really, when you look at it, Azuki and Kaya don’t really do anything. But that’s only the first part; Aoki and Iwase come in later on, so I guess it’s balanced; then again, it also reflects the gender ratios of mangaka, so it’s not sexist if it only tells the truth, right?

Still, I’d like to see more of Azuki’s… thoughts. Think about it, she appears like once every ten chapters, and really, you don’t know anything about her. Tell me ten things that you know about her and you’ll get a free respect donut; but too bad for you, you CAN’T find ten things because the only reason she’s here is for Saiko’s motivation. But that might be a good enough reason as it is…

The art’s nice for the expressions, but generally speaking it looks strange. Too many lines on the hair, and too large faces. Strange, seeing as this is coming from J.C. Staff of all groups, and that the original manga seem to have much more of a focus on simplicity, as well…

Finally, in conclusion, I would like to admit that however weird Bakuman’s art may be (though it is weird prolly only to me), Kawaguchi Taro’s art ABSOLUTELY AND ENTIRELY SUCKS.

Pls to not do drugs

6 responses

  1. The sexism reflects how Japan is these days. I don’t know what else to tell you.

    I did write about the issue of sexism in Bakuman. You can read it at: http://www.mangatherapy.com/post/1543578362/sexism-in-japan-bakuman

    I still think it’s a good series to read/watch. How long do you think the manga should run? I give it 20+ volumes max.

    2010/11/11 at 20:49

  2. Then again, I suppose it is true that really, there are not many female mangaka, so Bakuman’s just as you said, showing a blatant look at reality.

    To be honest, I really don’t think men and women should always be treated with equality – there are things where a lot more men are better at, and things that a lot more women are better at – you shouldn’t try to ‘cheat’ reality by stating that everyone should be equal in everything. That’d be just the opposite of anti-racism (which is, I suppose quite similar to sexism), which supports differences instead of similarities.

    Really, I think society’s trying too hard to be ‘just’ and ‘equal’ when it’s really not meant to be that way.

    …As for Bakuman’s length, I’d say at most 5 or 6 more volumes; I foresee Ashirogi Muto splitting up, resolving their differences, and finally creating a manga that becomes an anime in the near future. It might go to 20ish volumes, but if it does, I just really hope they don’t stretch out the story too much…

    2010/11/12 at 00:34

  3. Ahhh, interesting viewpoint. I do agree that there are some things that each sex is good at.

    That’s what I’m wondering if it does go into the 20s’. At most, it should end at 22-25. Around that range. Anything beyond is just insane.

    2010/11/12 at 16:15

  4. They’ll make it into a fantasy battle manga if it gets past that much :P

    Actually, having just read the latest chapter, I sense that Bakuman’s reached its climax right around now, or will soon; notice how they’ve never really had a ‘real’ argument before, but now this happens. To be honest, I doubt it’ll even reach 20 volumes; Death Note was only, what, 12?

    2010/11/12 at 18:35

  5. You’re right. Ok, 17-18 volumes?

    2010/11/13 at 04:32

  6. No point being that accurate :P It either goes far with a new plot twist added in, or it stops early with this being the ending.

    2010/11/13 at 05:17