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There’s always a need for slimes! Especially when you’re hunting for Slime Bubbles and Squishy Liquids…

They go visit Kirishima in the hospital, and that other girl reveals that she might like Manabizaki.

It’s revealed that Iwashida’s name is Touji, and his unnamed sister is working as a nurse in the hospital.

Although they both meet the creepiness criterion, both aren’t Touji’s sister

…When the chapter ends with “An Expected Development…”, you know the manga sucks. BUT I MUST ENDURE THE SPIRITUAL PAIN


2 responses

  1. gosh, you put in so much work in SWOT reviews now adays

    2010/11/14 at 07:00

  2. Yeah, it takes out 10 minutes of my life A WEEK

    2010/11/14 at 18:53