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Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Half Season Review

That’s your brain after watching this.

Psychic Detective Yakumo has the best OP. Did I mention that it has the best OP? Though whoever’s singing it’s voice sounds like some male Miku, it’s the best OP. Did I say that already? I think you didn’t hear me. Yakumo’s OP is better than Bakuman’s.

So it’s not red, or scarlet – it just /has/ to be crimson.

Anyways, it’s about this guy, Yakumo Saitou, who can see ghosts. This girl, Ozawa Haruka, goes to him for help – her friend’s been possessed by the spirits of the dead.

To look at her… lower body p- *shot*

As soon as the first episode’s over, it’s obvious the plots aren’t really connected. Think of it like Ookami-san, where each episode is /completely/ different from the next, with the exception of recurring characters that get introduced. Same thing here, it seems.

“…So I brought around 30 friends to help spread his power!”

I could make this spoiler-y, but that would make the post seem boring because really, telling you each individual plot isn’t gonna help you at all.

“…Which is why it is mandatory to wear diapers in the workplace.”

Really, the only people who matter are those introduced in the OP.

“…Because she doesn’t have a nose.”

In order, they are Awesomeghost, Saitou Yakumo, Ozawa Haruka, Gotou Kazutoshi, Ishii Yuutaro, Saitou Nao, Saitou Isshin, Hijikata Makoto, Nanase Miyuki, and that unnamed badass final boss.

“Even my eyes…”

Brief character descriptions – Gotou and Yuutarou are gay detectives, Nao’s an alien without a nose, Isshin’s Saitou’s uncle, Makoto’s an evil zombie news reporter who’s actually a girl, Miyuki’s strange, and that unnamed badass final boss is an unnamed badass final boss.

“…But, y’know, the first time we met, I was sorta, a zombie, y’know?

What I really like about Yakumo is that there’s nothing to do with fighting spirits. Yakumo’s goal is to find out what caused the spirits grief, relief it, and then solve the case. What’s more, the case isn’t actually just solved by talking to the spirits; most of the time, the culprit’s not even a ghost (because ghosts can’t mess around with the physical world), and other people have to catch him. I mean, there was already a car chase, both main characters jumping off a bridge, murders, suicides, and gay detectives in just six episodes!

The fun ahead of you dwarves is what we have so far.

Finally, the underlying plot seems actually interesting as well – not some of those lame-o “Oh, and they all lived happily ever after and NOTHING HAPPENED SORRY DURRRRRRRRRRRRRR”, but actually something that has meaning. By focusing on a small range of characters instead of progressing the plot, Shinrei Tantei Yakumo manages to do just that – progress the plot.

We have found the TARDIS?


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  2. You’re not supposed to say that when you’ve killed someone to put your daughter’s soul in! This isn’t CSI; this is /PSI/.

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