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Donten Prism Solar Car 2

Day Amelikan fulie day puhlains

Fractale’s getting an anime in Winter, so I’m not gonna manga-review it.

Why am I doing this when I have so many more things to post? I don’t know. I just know this is better than SWOT.

Shouta meets Saeki Kenjirou, the director of the Solar Car Project. He proposes that he’ll teach Shouta for one day every week, as well as pay him a part-time wage, as long as he aids in helping the university students make their solar car.

Mulling over this with a new manual of how to build a Solar Car, Shouta heads back home, when suddenly the Solar Car gets OUT OF CONTROL

He courageously throws everyone away.

I mean, away from the path of the car. Not into the recycle bin.

Unfortunately, while emptying the garbage doing this very courageous task, he gets electrocuted.

“Don’t worry, I’m just a chronic smoker”

While being electrocuted he goes to heaven and meets his dad, who tells him he’s a useless noob and that other people are more important than him.

Yazaki Junko, the only girl in the club who I should’ve introduced during the MAFIA but didn’t because it’s abbreviated for a reason, reveals that her father wrote the Solar Car manual Shouta’s reading. Yazaki Shouichi was forced to take blame for a large mistake eight years ago, and since then, the Solar Car Project has been halted.

Nevertheless, Junko somehow manages to persuade Shouta to drive a test drive in the Solar Car – their prospects already lightening up, the group prepares for ANOTHER CHAPTER WHY AM I SO BEHIND ALWAYS EVERY SINGLE DAY I’M ALWAYS BEHIND DAMMIT ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS

I do find it weird Jump would allow Solcar (which is what it shall be referred to from now on) 50 pages, even on a non-first chapter. That’s pretty odd; chapter 3 also has around 48 pages, it seems.

This also means it has far more content, and thus, far more potential to be reviewed weekly.

Though, right now, I’m pretty stressed – having just found out that key skill to survival known as ‘organization’, I suppose I’m off to another Organizational Voyage, albeit the previous one supposedly ended already.

Time to delete Youtube subscriptions, Twitter followings, and Google Reader blogs, I guess…


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