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Miyanishi Tatsuya Gekijou: Omae Umasou da na [Completed]

(AKA You are Umasou)

I should be writing a TWGOK post right now, but don’t feel in the mood.

Just try to tell me this isn’t the cutest anime in existence.

I guess those volcanoes decided to… roll an rock.

Anyways, one day on this ‘land’ of desert and a hill of grass about the size of an egg, a baby Anklosaurus is born!

The baby Anklosaurus is SAD because there’s nobody around him. But then he sees a Tyrannosaurus!

“…he realized that he’d might become a… predator… if he did… that… to a baby.”

However, the Anklosaurus thinks the Tyrannosaurus is his dad, because he said ‘You are Umasou (delicious)’ towards the baby, who thought that was his name.

The Tyrannosaurus gets attached to Umasou as well, and thus their great adventure begins!

Compare this to a real Chilantaisaurus and you’ll find their art is quite… abstract.

A Chilantaisaurus appears, but the Tyrannosaurus punts him to infinity and beyond. Oh well, I guess Team Rocket might be able to catch that Chilantaisaurus later on…

For an educational anime, they shouldn’t teach kids how to do drugs…

Night falls. The Tyrannosaurus (heroin referred to as Heart) finds that Umasou’s gone – but Umasou was only going to the nearby drug dealing velociraptors to get him some pills volcanoes to get red fruit.

Their story continues, and Heart teaches Umasou everything he knows about fighting, including headbutting rocks cause that’s the MANLY thing to do.

However, eventually, they part ways, Heart tricking Umasou to run towards an Anklosaurus colony.

The end…. of Book 1.

Have regrets about taking that bubble bath now?

Each episode is three minutes long, with five episodes for each book in the series.

There are 20 episodes, so four books – but according to the ED, there should be eight books.

Oh yes, the OP and ED are awesome. Even though the entire episode is shorter than normal OP/ED lengths.

Now ya know what :V means

And the music? It’s like Classical minimalism. Nothing can compare to the pure modern abstractness of this soundtrack.

The music may be abstract, but the art is even more abstract.

I mean, according to this picture, Heart is a four-eyed pacman.

Hunchbacked dinosaurs? That probably represents the gradual crippling of meat-eating radicals when faced with conservative vegetarians in our modern world. See how profoundly intriguing this is?

No, you don’t? Well, you’re right, because that previous sentence didn’t make any sense at all.

The only objections I have – the producers say that Heart is evil for eating meat, instead of vegetables.

Don’t we eat meat every day, though? Maybe they’re teaching us not to eat live meat, just dead meat cut from the meat-slaughtering shops so that when we eat it, it doesn’t look like real meat.

Your thing’s a bit… scaly…

Though, you can’t really analyze something like this. It’s meant for children.

Then again, Animal Farm was meant for children as well.

You are Umasou is also brilliant for its acceptance of things out of the norm – for example, Heart and the Elasmosaurus are obviously gay.

Either that, or it was a mistranslation. Probably a mistranslation ’cause the Elasmosaurus was played by… the narrator? I think everyone was played by the narrator.

Same with Heart and the other Tyrannosaurus.

No objectionable content? Hah! This thing’s practically dripping with innuend-oh, that’s just me? OH WELL.

There are so many aspects of comedy anime that could be exploited here, but they didn’t – misunderstandings between Heart and another Tyrannosaurus, dramatic anime-esque falls from a cliff,

But they didn’t exploit anything! The art was funny enough as it was.

Finally, new acronym introduced – SIDNET. It means ‘Seriously, I did not edit this’, and it means that I /did not edit this/. If I just say ‘I did not edit this’, I’m probably lying, but if I say SIDNET, you know that everything there has been ripped off fairly with due credit, complying with the creative commons regulations directly from the anime. Everything in this post was SIDNET.

Anyways, You are Umasou is obviously brilliant. It’s dramatic. It has fighting. Family feuds. Romance. Jealousy. Pride. Volcanoes.




Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)


3 responses

  1. The undertones of the first book are actually quite disturbing when you think about them. Different “types” shouldn’t live together. Propaganda against interracial families? Gay adoptions? You Are Umasou is a vehicle for social regressivism.

    2010/11/22 at 01:02

  2. I don’t think they intended it to be different “types” as in races, but more different types as in personality. Heart is an aggressive carnivore, and Umasou’s innate nature is to be a peaceful herbivore. In that sense, they’re expressing the social consequences of personalities that don’t “mesh” – it’ll go well for a while, and then, intrapersonal clashes will be expressed externally, resulting in separation.

    Here, the personalities must differ radically – not as in ‘I prefer red over blue’ (differences between two dinosaurs of the same species), but something much more (examples don’t come to my mind right now, but the differences must be equal to differences between dinosaurs of completely different species). I suppose that’s not commonly seen, but that may be what they’re trying to say.

    Also, gay adoptions aren’t much of a problem here :P

    2010/11/22 at 01:26

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