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Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Half Season Review

[Announcement: Since I’m still somewhat connected to the MS world via my brother, the Big Bang Event is now… on? Watch the trailer to see how making THREE DEE ANIMATIONS OF TWO DEE WORLDS DON’T MAKE SEENSE]

“Abstract art.”

SIDNE(that). Anywho, seeing as I haven’t really watched this for quite a while now, plot details will be fuzzy and/or incorrect. Bear with me, please – I’ll sorten things out after the next Half Season Review.

Post-Pre-Post-Edit: It’s been what a month since I started writing this post and I’ve come back to it. So first I delay it for a month after the episodes, now I delay it for a month after I start writing it. Time to get this over with ._.


Identical twins!

A Half Season Review just has to be half a season right? Doesn’t matter where that half-season starts, as long as it’s 6/7 episodes…

Let’s just say this review will be… much cleaner than the previous episode post. Then again, since I’m wading through the mistakes of my past, it’ll be much less cleaner than the previous Half Season Review. Nevertheless, as it’s tl;dw, the plot comes here in massive chunks – there’s like, no filler. It’s…

…politics? :o

Is it just me or do I feel sorry for the horses?

It is revealed that Miran engineered an uprising against Sion, so that he could kill them all at once.

Meanwhile, over at Estabul, some guy named Salawel holds the populace hostage so that Roland won’t attack.

This is very sad news for Claugh, the leader of the invasion, who apparently wants the least amount of casualties.

Now I understand why the rate of colourblindness amongst men is so high

Roland attacks anyways – or rather, Miran attacks.

Then, just as Miran was going to kill Noa, Salawel takes her away.

Then, just as Salawel was going to kill Noa, Miran kills him.

Then, just as Miran was going to kill Noa, Claugh appears to fight.

Then, just as Claugh was going to kill Miran… you get the drift here.

Noa convinces them not to fight, and in return, subdue the people of Estabul to follow Roland in whatever it does.


Following that, Claugh and Noa are peacefully doing whatever they’re doing when SUDDENLY a bunch of ninjas decide to rape her. Claugh kills them all cause he doesn’t like creepy ninja rapists. On the other hand, I like repetition, but I don’t like creepy ninja rapists either. I’m sure many of you like creepy ninja rapists though.

Not sure what that has to do with the story, but…

Must be unattractive, then

Anywho, Gastark Empire is currently annexing a bunch of small kingdoms, eventually taking over two thirds of Imperial Stohl (a country with five times the military power of Gastark) and killing a bunch of people, so Miran and Sion decide a political purge is the best idea to unify the Roland empire for war. Miran starts killing creepy old people, first individually, then eventually using his father’s influence to assemble all of the anti-King nobles in Roland in a single room.

Karlal Froaude (a creepy ninja child rapist) isn’t the least aware of this, as Duke Stearied and Miran manage to trap them all inside the room, killing all. Eventually, Miran reveals that he killed his own entire family, leaving only Karlal as a pawn.


But the Duke didn’t Nuke them, but got nuked himself by a person with peach-coloured hair, obviously one of Sui and Kuu’s siblings (revealed as Lir by a side remark in episode 14). The peach-hair guy has the same type of ring that Miran has, with exactly the same power. However, as he couldn’t use magic, lest it reveal to Miran which kingdom he is from, it seemed as if Miran would win… until he used an ‘Iino Doue Crystal’, vaporizing all the human bodies and shadow beasts in the room.

BUT THE WALLS THE WALLS AREN’T DESTROYED NEITHER ARE THE DOORS AND FLOORS (if I keep on writing like this I’ll have to tag all my aniposts as rants, so I’ll stop)

Claugh comes and rescues Miran because he’s too important to the plot to die.

Yureru mawaru fureru setsunaaaaaaaaai kimochi~

Finally, Sui and Kuu Orla convince the Runa Empire King (who was already plotting to kill Sion anyhow) to ally with the Gastark Empire, which the three siblings belong to.

The new OP/season starts with some more Kiefer, revealing that she was actually a double agent – forced by the former tyrannical King of Roland to become Roland’s spy, acting as an Estabul spy spying on Roland.

Arriving at Stohl, she arrives to stop Gastark from invading, and is saved by… the King of Gastark?

Refal Edia posses a Rule Fragment too, the Sacred Sword Glouvil, which takes something from him (having lost his right leg, sense of smell, and left eye) in return for tremendous destructive power, overwhelming even a massive spell chanted by 3,333 monks from St. Peter’s Basilica.

He believes in the nuclear bomb tactic – throw at an enemy a large amount of causalities, so that more people can be saved (this is arguable; I’m using Japan as an analogy, so don’t tell me how the bombs were horrible), so really, he’s a pacifist.

Y’know, if he was smarter he would’ve added a ‘brow’ to the end of that sentence so that Sui wouldn’t eat it

Politics over, Ryner and Ferris receive and misinterpret an order from Sion to retreat cause the dragon would stupidly overpower them. Instead, they charge straight into the field, encountering numerous dead bodies along the way.

Sui and Kuu appear, revealing that they took the Dolueli Swordscale that summoned the dragon last episode. Killing all witnesses to preserve the secret of the relics, an unavoidable battle starts.

Unfortunately, Ryner and Ferris are still stupidly overpowered. Sui stabs his own arm with the Dolueli Swordscale (because his arm would totally regrow later), turning it into a GIANT DRAGON that can burn ANYTHING HE WANTS (which is why the dragon before was harmless, as the ground wasn’t too masochistic). Sui also has the Comb of Elemio, another Rule Fragment/Hero Relic/whatever that nullifies all magic that reaches him. His sister, Kuu, has the Scythe of Ailuchrono, which allows her to become stupidly overpoweredly fast, stupidly overpoweredly strong, and freezes anything the scythe touches. She doesn’t even have to stab her own arm!

Working out now, are we

Right before escape, Sui uses something to invoke the Alpha Stigma in Ryner, believing that his Comb of Elemio could stop any magic coming at him, so as to let him… kill Ryner and take his crystallized eyeballs out?


Oh, too bad. Sui’s arm falls off.

Some of Ryner’s past is revealed, as to save his village, he had to use the Alpha Stigma. Yet, his village forced him out as a monster.

Ferris then sings Ryner a lullaby and he falls asleep.

Following that, Ryner and Ferris go to the small town of Regit in the Runa empire, when SUDDENLY a bunch of teenagers decide to chase a small girl. Ferris kills them all cause she doesn’t like creepy teenager chasits.

So Arua’s a double-trap?

The girl is Kuku, and after a bunch of soldiers decide to kill a bunch of people, her friend, Arua, uses the ALPHA STIGMA and kills a bunch, but still gets captured.

Ryner and Ferris set out to free him, but the holy righteous and good magic knights of Runa, under the direction of their all-knowing, omnipotent, and loving God decides to STAB ARUA’S FATHER TO DEATH CAUSE THAT’S WHAT RELIGIOUS PEOPLE DO

Anyways, Arua tries to kill Ryner with his newly awakened ALPHA STIGMA, but Ryner punches him in the gut and takes him away.

…Unfortunately, Kuku was kidnapped, and now Sui and Kuu are trying to capture Arua as well (remember, Sui likes to eat eyeballs). Their new allegiance with Runa Empire is clearly set when Runa soldiers come to capture Ryner and Ferris, as Sui and Kuu escape, informing Ryner the location of Kuku’s captivity.

I, also, learn, that, overusing, commas, is, stupid, like, trying, to, memorize, what, 0,000,001th, of, a metre, is,

huh what

Ryner and Ferris hellishly train Arua till he becomes a valuable battle asset by himself – but the Orla siblings don’t know this. He doesn’t really do anything but distract the siblings.


Sui’s other arm now falls off, but not cause the Swordscale failed, but because Miran’s Shadow Beasts bit it off.

Miran leaves. The end?

Oh jeez, it’s getting hard enough to say anything meaningful about this, seeing as I don’t really remember anything, and this post is messy enough as it is. That said, I won’t even try to delve into the emotional depths of the characters, and these HSRs are here only for the plot. Here’s what I think’s happening so far, because right now, delving into the individual characters and plot is like finding hay in a needlestack – it’d hurt me quite a bit. That’s why I’m adding individual characters to a show like Index, but not to this. Even Durarara has less characters than this. But not Bleach. I am NOT introducing the characters of Bleach. Ever. Really, I can’t wait till this is over, cause then everything will be tied up. People who don’t get anything I’m writing, just stop reading, or actually watch it. It’s the brilliance of tl;dw that allows it to be so complicated, yet so understandable. A picture is worth a thousand words, neh?

But now that I have eight arms…

Roland’s fighting against Nelpha, but Miran goes and kills all of the anti-king conspirators there, leaving them as allied kingdoms.

Noa Ehn of Estabul then comes to Roland, uniting Roland, Estabul, and Nelpha into one side.

Imperial Stohl is against Gastark, and since Gastark is with Runa, and Runa is against Roland, Stohl is technically fighting with Roland. I guess Stohl’s somewhat in the middle, although it boasts tremendous military capabilities as well.

Gastark Empire is against Roland, though it’s all just a misunderstanding – if they allied (seeing as they had the same intentions), the whole thing would be over. Then again, that’s war – giant misunderstandings.

The Runa Empire supports the previous king, and thus is against Roland. At the same time, they were coerced into being allied with Gastark – thus, they are still against Roland.

In conclusion I’m about as confused as that picture will make you be.

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