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Flying Witch [Completed]

What, you think this oneshot was published AFTER the date of this post? Well, HAHAHAHA cause you’re WRONG. I was going to post this post four years ago, but three things exacerbated my grand plan:

1. I didn’t read this oneshot until December 24th, 2011.
2. I didn’t find this manga until December 6th, 2010.
3. I didn’t have this blog until September 9th, 2009.

Thus I am exasperated and now I will sleep.

Well, I was lying about point one – I read this manga some time ago, because it’s completed on my manga list. Problem is, I don’t remember reading this manga, so I read it for the second time for the first time only to find out that SPANISH SHOCK, I DID READ THIS MANGA BEFORE! Except I don’t remember reading it but I remember having read it. I guess it’s a TENSE TIME for TENSES because guess what, nobody cares because it’s CHRISTMAS EVE AND NOT CHRISTMAS YET, GOSH.

I wonder why I decided to read this oneshot out of all the better oneshots out there. I haven’t written a oneshot post for two months

Perhaps it’s because of the mushroom on the cover. That always makes manga better.

Imagine my distress when I discovered, SPANISH SHOCK – THERE WERE WORDS NEXT TO THE MUSHROOM!

Being an eloquent and learned master in the use of Oriental languages, I scoured through Wikipedia pages and compared all 1,945 Japanese kanji to the characters on the manga, only to find that none matched! Finally, I perused the pages on ‘hero mana’, which did include both japanographs (Japanese characters).

Taken together, the characters are read ‘shita’.


(Granted, mushrooms do look like shit. BUT SO DO YOU)

You know, one day, I was eating in Strings class. Actually, more like every day, I was eating in Strings class. The teacher never noticed me because there was a high stand obstructing his view towards my face, and also because I never ate in class. But I did eat in class, and the Strings teacher, whether he saw me or not, never cared.

One day, somebody else decided to eat in class. The Strings teacher immediately jumped on him, for, unlike I, who did not eat in class, that other person did eat in class. The other person then blamed me as being an uncouth influence on his behaviour, and I was given a stern talking-to by the Strings teacher. It went something like this:

Strings teacher: “Why are you eat in class?”
Other person: “Mushyrulez eat in class.”
Mushyrulez: “I eat in class?”
Other person: “Mushyrulez eat in class.”
Strings teacher: “You eat in class?”
Other person: “Mushyrulez eat in class.”
Mushyrulez: “I eat in class.”
Strings teacher: “Why are you eat in class?”
Mushyrulez: “..You never told me not to eat in class.”
Strings teacher: “No eat in class.”
Other person: “No eat in class.”
Mushyrulez: “No eat in class.”

Suddenly, I could not eat in class! This strange predicament continued for an entire month (in which I ate my lunch in the hallway outside the class during classtime instead), until eventually, I continued eating in class – except I didn’t eat in class, although I was eating in class.

I realize that this post is not actually about the manga, but the original Japanese title was ‘Flying☆Witch’, and the English title is ‘Flying Witch’. What I’m trying to say is, don’t unstar a star.

Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)

(Actually about the manga: EH cute story, but nothing more to say. Also I think the main character should no eat in class no sleep either. Ooga booga.)

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