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Donten Prism Solar Car 3

The students’ design for their Solar Car can go up to EIGHTY EIGHT MILES AN HOUR

Well, it’s actually 100 kilometres. WHICH IS MORE THAN EIGHTY EIGHT

Unfortunately, their new model needs a lot of parts they don’t have (with their tiny budget), and also the most important part is inefficient – THE SOLAR PANEL.

Thus they utilize their hard-earned ten-years-experience suck-up-to-teachers skill to its fullest potential, getting a solar panel, taking apart the old car, etc.

Hitoha’s a better name

Along the way, more characterization is given to the people from Touyou College of Engineering, who I shall now introduce;

Honda Eiji is the glasses-guy, who Junko referred to once as Hata-kun. Why? We don’t know, we’re not Japanese.
He confessed to Junko but got coldly rejected, yet still stays in the club cause he’s masochist and cool like that.

Teruo is the blond kid, who also likes Junko and has no personality, besides the obvious stereotypes associated with blond people with rows upon rows of spiky teeth.

Hito(Ni?)shina Katsuhiko is the person with SLITS FOR EYES because HE DA TWO JYAPA KNEES. Apparently, he can predict the whether by just using his iPhone, and was a hikikomori in high school, but realized that you can both watch anime and learn random crap about solar cars in school with his new iPhone.

Finally, Yazaki Junko is the only girl, who is… the only girl. Her father, Yazaki Shouichi (below), was the previous head of the Solcar project but resigned after taking the blame for some weird mistake, leaving the project incomplete and her to finish it.

To recap previous chapters; Shouta is shota a guy who hates cars and has no money, because his dad is ded 10 years ago. Suddenly, people show up to work on a solar car together.
Now, he and Junko went (yes, my tensing is brilliant) to the University to talk to Kenjirou (who specializes in motors), the director of the project. There, he sees Shouichi’s photo – who happens to be the same guy who killed his father (accidentally).


Haha, this is actually sponsored by some Japanese university of Engineering, and it’s being serialized in Jump. Wow, just wow. I really hope this will turn well into a good manga, instead of something written just because it was sponsored, and meant to try and get more people to enroll in their university.

I guess the main theme here is how people in poverty still want to go into college, even though they have not the means to support that. Perhaps that is quite artificial, but at least it’s subliminal, and at least it’s not ‘I WANT TO PROTECT MY FRIENDS LEVEL UP TEN THOUSAND TIMES’.

Finally, ooooh. I wonder how Shouta’s going to cope with knowing that his gorl-tamot (what did I just write) KILLED HIS FATHER. KILLED HIM.


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