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Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Half Season Review 2

[It’s now December 23rd of 2011, but apparently, I watched these episodes on December 10th of LAST YEAR, made the post on December 18th, and revised everything on April 4th, 2011. I have no idea why I didn’t publish it then(yuuden), so here it is, now. Yes, the writing style is different, because I wrote this post, eh, y’know, a year ago. Around December 11th, 2010, actually…]

You’ll notice it’s not the Legend of the Legendary Heroes anymore, but it’s still tl;dw.

First off, tl;dw 15.5 is basically a recap episode. At least it wasn’t during episode 5 of a one-season show that ended back where it began and had nothing to offer in the line of plot.

Iris’s voice gets seriously annoying now; her reputation as favourite character has downgraded to one of the more annoying characters in the series.


Why doesn’t Ryner/Ferris just tell Sion directly? Do they trust someone who goes around MASS MURDERING HUNDREDS of INNOCENT FANS with her ABOMINABLE VOICE?! Shall I compare thee to a midsummer’s day? No, I shan’t; for thy holy voice MAKES ME FALL DEAD FROM ITS SHEER ABHORRENCE.


Eager to get back to Roland to assassinate Sion, Ferris and Ryner make with full haste, with the Taboo Breaker squad in chase. Ironically enough, they stop another independent assassination attempt, so that Ryner could use his brilliant trapping skills to finish the job.

Unfortunately, dropping a book on someone’s head isn’t going to kill them. Well, it isn’t even going to hit them. Thusly, Sion deftly recovers from such a traumatic experience in no time.

Following the incident, Luke Stokkart (the white-haired, real leader of Milk’s Taboo Breaker squad) and Kiefer both read a book about Cursed Eyes, and how all berserked Alpha Stigma holders die without exception.

EXCEPT RYNER! Which either means he was fake-strangling his best friends and somehow managed to destroy Rule Fragments, or he’s spechul. Most likely the latter.

Make Sion pregnant?

A bit of Ferris’s past is revealed – as she was too stupid to be of use in fighting for the Eris family, her father decided to… ‘implant’ some of his superior blood in her, when she was 14. Thankfully, Lucile killed both her father and mother, so now all she cares about is dango. Arua and Kuku are now in the care of the ‘much less’ corrupt House Eris.

Ryner attempts to look through the dojo which serves as Lucile’s room, but is treated to a feeling of what Sui felt like – except losing both his legs too. Lucile is obviously too pro for him.

During night, Ryner meets one-on-one with Lucile, and reveals that he can’t even see what Lucile is – he’s not human. Inflicted with a curse that doesn’t allow him to leave the confines of Roland, but gives him innumerable power, Lucile can strangle Ryner without moving his arms, among other monstrosities.

Meanwhile, Sion decides to dispose of Ryner, after their incident together in bed cough not suggestive at all cough

[I was going to write something here, but there was only one word: ‘Milk’. Seeing that that would be ominous to put on its own, I decided to put it on its own.]


tl;dw Geography 101: That big continent in the middle is Roland. So is that continent in the bottom right corner. Everything else is Gastark.


Anyways, the Luna king has locked himself in a small Lunan mansion (effectively leaving Roland, Stohl, and Gastark as the only surviving nation-alliances), as all the Lunan guards were murdered by the Gastarkian Orla siblings, Sui and Kuu.

Miran comments from the shadows that granting everyone’s wishes is going to be Sion’s downfall as King, and arranges to have Ryner removed…

With both Milk and Ryner unaccounted for, Claugh leads a force to subdue an Alpha Stigma bearer in Estabul. Thusly, Sion travels to Estabul, leaving Ferris to find Ryner.

The capital of Gastark is Gernslade, a tiny village that apparently has three houses, with five people and a cow as its inhabitants.

Kiefer reveals the knowledge gained in the book – there are five different confirmed types of Magic Eyes. Ebra Crypt, which can see people’s dreams; Iino Doue, which can devour people’s lives, Alpha Stigma, which can analyze the structure of magic. Torch Curse, and Will Hame.

Refal also falls in love for Kiefer, but that doesn’t concern the plot.


Claugh and his men fight against this strange man (obviously with the Iino Doue eyes – that’s what the Iino Doue crystal meant, it was a crystallized Iino Doue eye!), but the man eats his arm off, consuming (absorbing) Claugh’s power, as Claugh reflects upon the past he shared with this man that didn’t kill him then. They retreat.


Luke Stokkart meets Miran, who abducted Milk as a hostage. However, his ability to control weird invisible threads rivals Miran’s ability to pet giant dogs. Or rather, surpasses it.

Ryner leaves alone for Estabul, but Ferris and the Iino Doue guy catch up to him, with the Iino Doue guy overpowering both of them combined.

He’s Tiir Rumibul. Even after being stabbed by multiple arrows, Tiir eats some soldier and heals up, eventually convincing Ryner to join him; segregated as monsters.

Meanwhile, over in Gastark, Refal is informed of the coming Magic Eyes threat, led by Tiir.

Refal also decides to marry Kiefer.

It’s a bit sad that they can’t beat one man with this army

Claugh reveals more of Ryner’s past. He was adopted into a bandit village when he was five, and after he was found to have an Alpha Stigma, he was taken into military custody under the Germer Kleisrole Training Institute, where he underwent rigorous training, before being sent to Roland Special Training Institute #307. He was transferred to yet another secret military school, and eventually was dubbed the strongest magician in Roland.

Until he went to the Roland Special Academy, along with Kiefer and Sion.

Tiir also has some past with the Orla siblings, as Lir, Kuu, and Sui attacked him and killed 38 fellow Cursed Eyes along the way.

In the end, he’s actually not half bad, wanting just a world where Magic Eye users can live with a smile.

Lafra (nope, you can’t save there) has the Ebra Crypt eyes, which replace his dreams with other people’s – thus how Tiir knew Ryner’s location. Tiir thinks that they’re superior beings that posess the Eyes of God, but Ryner thinks otherwise – that at the end, Cursed Eyes bearers are no different from humans.

Finally, Luke readies to dispose of Ryner, as Lir watches silently from the background.


Luke’s infinite amounts of yellow strings quickly make work of Miran – a hero relic Ryner forgot to pick up, the Latsel Thread, that extends infinitely durable threads to an infinite amount of length – enough to overpower even Miran.

Ryner starts his fight with Luke, who was ordered to kill him by Miran, before being interrupted by Lir beating the crap out of the other Cursed Eye children. He crystallizes (aka takes out) the berserked Alpha Stigma girl with his other hero relic, Spunquel, and manages to use his Lightning Beasts Rule Fragment to stop Tiir, Ferris, Ryner, and Luke from attacking him. He gets all his power from hero relics! This is so unfair.

That was a horrible confession

Eventually, he uses the same resonating green crystal that Sui used to force Ryner into berserking, not before Ferris somewhat confesses to him (while wearing Christmas clothes!). Using his sheer willpower, he manages to stop himself from berserking and promptly ressurects Tiir with a condensed bolt of magic.

An epic battle ensues (or rather, this entire episode was an epic battle!), and apparently for both Lir and Miran’s Ring Fragments, if you don’t raise your hand, the teacher won’t call on you the relic won’t activate – making the Latsel Thread the perfect counterattack.


…However, Spunquel kills the thread and Lir runs away, but not before revealing to Ryner that Ryner’s actually the ‘Solver of All Formulae’.

Roland and Gastark are starting to look like serious enemies now, as the Magic Eye children are forming an anti-Gastark front…

More politics ensue as Lucile informs Sion that he’ll have to kill Ryner eventually.

So as I pray, Unlimited Bl-EXPLOSIONS BOOM BOOM BOOM

[And that’s it. Eh, a pretty standard LuRa review, but I’m too lazy to edit this mess, and I’ve actually forgot what tl;dw was like… sigh, I’m real good at this ‘blogging’ thing, aren’t I? ]:


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