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An Organizational Ramble

Or whatever you want to call it.

As you can see, posts are coming out less and less frequently, though the break looms ever closer and closer (a good thing!)

I blame you, Pikachu.

Or rather, a bunch of miscellaneous things that’s been eating up my time and I want to discuss here.

First of all, new tag (yet again?! How do I organize all of this?! Answer: I’ll do that when tomorrow comes, which is never.): ‘I’m Actually Early?!’ It’s for when I’ve actually /scheduled/ a post ahead of time (which was all the time last year, but now it’s what once every month? And only when I go on vacation too ._.). Hopefully I won’t have to rewrite history that often, but adding a new tag DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING WHY AM I EVEN BOTHERING TO HAVE A TAG SYSTEM IF TAGS DON’T DO ANYTHING

Hrmm, that’s a debatable point.

Anywho, it’s not really Pikachu that’s eating my time (Bulbasaur can vine whip him to a wall for all I care), but rather, DORF FORT-REST. I’ve been playing this every living moment I could get on the computer, even not going on Chess.com, which means that something is seriously wrong with me.

I’ll keep playing it, but only 30 minutes a day instead of four hours. Really, my life is quite sad now.

Anyways, next note:


The lyrics are so beautiful I’m almost moved to make my own poem…

…hey, wait a minute.

Why not?

Publishing a poem next, but I’ll leave it standalone, so as to write my comments here.

Y’know how generally speaking, I regurgitate my negative emotions in one pile every half-year or so? Yeah, recent days have been incredibly taxing, with numerous fights, arguments, and lack of time WHY TIME NO TIME I HATE YOU TIME I WANT MORE OF YOU TIME, so without access to the computer (or access limited to non-flashing images/black gaming screens), I decided to compose one. I’ve just realized that Music would be better renamed as Art, but I’LL DEAL WITH THAT WHEN TOMORROW COMES

The funny thing is, after I finished writing it, I realized that it might just be an actual poem. An actual poem that doesn’t show what the author is, but that shows what each person who reads it is. There’s numerous interpretations that can be found, but it really only becomes a poem when there are so many different viewpoints that I don’t even

Actually, y’know what? Real poems don’t need explanation.

They just need comprehension.

…Oh, and someone to sing it? First person to find out what the music of the poem is wins -2 respect for watching such a horrible show. People who can’t find out what the music of the poem is should drop themselves into a well off the coast of Finland if they’re even following one of the shows in the Fall season. Anyone who sings it will get +10,000 respect every day for the rest of tonight.

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