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Oh, the irony, of reality.
Constitutes its paucity; cursed brevity.
Sit down and brood; bang, five hours elasped,
’cause the world keeps,
turnin’ round and round and round…

Gathering strength, ’till it reaches a hegemony that’s uncontainable.
Suppressing rage, ’till it reaches a fury almost uncontrollable; and then what?
I don’t know what to do, dimensional time, it just flew.
Nonchalant, celestia still rigaudon,
as the Earth moves on and on…

As a mime, tangled in gross imagination,
can you see, hear, feel this disqualification?
Even if we all gazed into the ground,
time goes passing,
the Sun goes up and down…
Life is short, but Death is shorter at the end.
Introduce, while still remembering an append.
Nature changes, but time vamooses down.
As the days pass,
they go on and on and on…

I tread all down, leave all my life’s belongings, memories, all disorganized.
I try to speak, I have no mouth but must scream out how everything’s all a lie,
or at least a mistake; why people, are all so dull?
All the pain, all the thoughts incapable,
of expressing out and out…

Oh the irony, of society.
Industrialization ends in inefficiency.
Communications malfunction fast,
and the years,
they still go past and past…
Rationale purged, marked as refuse, and dumped away.
Savagery pervades the crook’d community.
Still, I ponder – self: ‘What is all this for’?
Sheer destruction,
though we’ll ‘advance’ more and more…

Our fate’s end is naught but a menace of foreboding stature.
Sweep clean our slated past; embark on exploratory future.
Seek fame, wealth, influence, or at least profitability.
Have you found meaning, or in languish, waiting to be set free?

Oh, the irony, of our mentality.
Congruent logic, but no hint of sanity.
I don’t think I’ve ever felt so alone,
But the digits, time still,
adds up and up…
Indifferent to whims, the seasons cycle on.
Sadness spreads rapidly; suddenly it’s gone.
So, let us rejoice – the Earth is still here.
For the world spins,

round and round…

and round…

and round.

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