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An Important Notice on the Overuse of Certain Terms

As published by the Badly-Utilized Language Lunatics (look at the acronym) Society of Highly *nteresting Terminology, better known as the Society of Lying Conmen.

It is come to my attention that there is an overuse of the term, “BOOM! HEADSHOT (!)”. This is not actually unacceptable, but just pretend it is for a moment here. I am beginning to see a cliche* here in these two words. This is bad. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Or, at least, pretend it’s unacceptable.

Whilst browsing through the sea that is the intarwebz, I have noticed that there has been a lot of  “BOOMHEDSHOTTTTT” but not enough “BOOM INSTANTANEOUS AMATEUR CRANIOTOMY/LOBOTOMY/WHATEVER”. This seems to be good evidence suggesting that 50% of the sea of the intarwebz in fact is verbal diarrhea being spouted by teenage boys overdosing on either LSD or testosterone, whichever is worse. The other 50% seems to consist of either godly Asian people with serious talent in using Photoshop or Twilight fanboys/girls. Of course, there are several other little groups out there that don’t fit into either category, but no one cares about them, except for maybe everyone.

I want to see Adoozy Falsh games on (insert game site name here) where shooting a person in the head gives a 5% percent chance of causing severe retardation in the victim! I want to see Newgrounds flashes where bullets can go in one eaer and out the other WITH NO EFFECT! Most of all, I don’t want to see another BOOMHEDSHOTTTT! I’m sick of it! Especially in that 15-minute period I just spent surfing the web in a futile effort to find an instance of BOOMHEDSHOTTTTT! Instead, I want to see a big black rectangle on top of where BOOMHEDSHOTTTTT would be! It would also spare me from the poor spelling of people who don’t know how to spell “CRANIOTOMY”!



/absurd logic

This was not written by Houraiguy. He never posts here. His blog, which posts even less at, is at boredomreturns.wordpress.com.

Troll(0lolol) away down in the comments below! Mock me for my inproper use of grammar (I must have misspelled something.)! Give me another reason to post on a different site! Et cetera! Whatevs! Complain about me never posting… wait, this post wasn’t written by Houraiguy.  You’re seeing things. Go away. Stop overdosing on either LSD or testosterone, whichever is worse.

*(author of post is too lazy to search web for a site with some lettering that has an accented “e” in it, so whatevs)

4 responses

  1. Tags are sorted alphabetically after you put them in and I was too lazy to deduce what you were saying.

    Also, alt + 0233 for é :P

    2010/12/23 at 23:25

  2. You forgot to mention the girls who can’t make computer games and can only come up with some yaoi dating sim flash. <_<

    2010/12/24 at 10:18

  3. houraiguy

    Does the tag, “Rewrite History”, mean you just placed this post way back down the homepage to fill in gaps in your posting?


    2010/12/24 at 17:04

  4. Yeah yeah yeah, I rewrite history :V


    2010/12/24 at 18:51